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Back to School Fitness

Summer tends to bring so many changes to our lives. The kids are off school, we have extra hours in our day, the sun and heat makes us just “feel” better, and the vacations and the outdoor adventures are awesome. But it often also means falling off the wagon with our regular fitness routine. Getting back on track with exercise is always a challenge, but here are some expert ways to bring your fitness back this fall!

Force yourself

Pull out your calendar and schedule out 10 workouts in 10 days. They may be classes at your gym, meeting with your trainer, walking with your husband, or a quick at-home workout. Nothing gets you more into the swing of things than just doing what you need to do. If you have a hard time getting in your scheduled workouts, find that partner to help keep you on track, because you know what happens when someone is expecting to see you at 5:00 am for your morning walk? You show up. If you think to yourself, “I don’t have the time to work out,” remember to take a good look at where you are spending your time. Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram don’t have anything over a healthy, long life.

Strive for OK, not awesome

Sometimes those workouts you put in your calendar are only going to be OK. Which is…OK! Don’t think every workout has to be the best one you’ve ever had or you will be thoroughly disappointed. Some days we have to be happy with OK.

Don’t beat yourself up 

You’re not a bad person because you fell off your usual routine. No one at the gym cares, your trainer really does understand (call them) and your kids didn’t even notice. So don’t turn missed workouts over the summer into a moral issue.

Train smart

It’s always better to start small and get back to those basic movements. If you haven’t taken the hardest class at your gym in three months, then that’s not a great place to start. Be realistic in what you can do and have done in the past. To keep with your routine early on, be sure to allow for some soreness and be prepared to do a recovery workout, a restorative yoga class or schedule a flexibility session with your trainer. All exercise is good exercise even if (and sometimes especially if) it’s there to help you recover.

Remember your age

Although I have many clients that do more now, as they are older, than they did when they were younger, you still have to keep in mind what’s appropriate for your age. That doesn’t mean you can’t run if you’re a lifelong runner but it might mean you aren’t running five miles a day like you did in your 20’s now that you have young children at home! Instead, focus on what’s important based on your age and lifestyle so you can create a strong body as you age.

“You can have anything you want in life, you just can’t have everything you want in life.”  ~Peter McWilliams

This is one of my favorite quotes to help keep me on track. Remember this when you are reaching for a piece of cake or skipping your workout for the third time this week. You all have the ability to have the health, the vitality, or the body you want. But you can’t have it while you are sitting on the couch and scrolling through Facebook instead of moving. So take your pick. But don’t let the short-term euphoria of sugar or the exhaustion of your day override the goal of having the health you desire. Someone once said that short-term obsessions lead to a life less fulfilled and most of the time a life of intense frustration.

Remember, working out is not always fun — don’t feel like you must be constantly entertained and understand that to improve it will very often be difficult. If you find it to be too boring, then you are not concentrating or you are not being challenged enough. To become stronger, leaner, and more efficient, a lot has to happen to our muscle, nerve, and brain. So hop back on the fitness bandwagon this fall and get back at it!

Back to School Fitness

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