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10 Tips to Make Your Holidays Stress Free

10 Tips to Make Your Holidays Stress Free

#1 – Listen. Not sure what to get someone? Listen carefully and you might hear her say she loves the smell of lavender or him say he loves a really sharp knife when preparing meals. Save that knowledge and surprise your loved one with the perfect gift.

#2 – For homemade gifts, do a trial run first. Making gifts this holiday season? Good for you! We suggest doing a trial run just in case the first attempt doesn’t go well. Making candles or soap, baking a pie or creating a succulent garden – all lovely ideas but practice makes perfect.

#3 – Shop early! Trouble with supply chains, under-staffed carriers and a busy holiday season could leave to delays and we want to make sure you get your gifts in time for Christmas.

#4 – Save money AND time. Buy gifts at but have them shipped directly to the recipient.

#5 – Plan ahead. We know Christmas is still weeks away, but we strongly suggest you purchase your Christmas gifts early this year. We have a high demand for our practical, non-electric products and vendors are having trouble keeping up. In addition, many of our exclusive products are handmade one at a time and supplies are limited.

#6 – Can’t decide what to get? Browse our gift guide! We’ve curated a wide selection of quality gifts for all ages to simplify your holiday shopping.

#7 – Make a list and a budget. Write down all the special people and the wonderful gifts you are going to buy them. Don’t forget the others that you wish to thank with a smaller gift, such as your child’s favorite teacher, the mail carrier or the barista at your favorite drive through.

#8 – Consider an activity for your loved one instead of a gift. How about taking a class together, shopping for and preparing a nice meal, baking and decorating cookies or attending a concert or a show.

#9 – Let the pros help you pick! Check out our best sellers and top-reviewed products to find our most popular and well-loved gifts.

#10 – Keep your eye out for gifts that donate back to a cause. We offer some of these great products online, like Lifestraw. We also have other products in our store in Kidron, such as Puppy Love apparel – 10% of their profits are donated to Dog Shelters and Rescue Groups Nationwide. (Get A Shirt, Save A Pup!)

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