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5 Tips to Stop the Winter Blues

A family joyously throwing snow in the air.

January is here leaving us feeling a little blue. After having a full month of December filled with shopping, gatherings, baking, family time and so much more. We watched as the ball dropped bringing in a New Year, 2023.

What comes next? For me living in Ohio, it usually means dreary and cold days and what feels like an eternity waiting for signs of Spring and sunshine. I grew up in Ohio, but my husband and I moved to the south for several years and our grandchildren brought us back to Ohio this past year. I am now trying to find ways to overcome the winter blahs that I remember all so well and keep the seasonal depression at bay.

Here are some things to help during the next few months:

  1. Add light to your home – natural light lacks in the winter and adding some more lighting helps to battle the blues. Try a light box as it mimics outdoor light and the Mayo Clinic gives great tips for picking the right one.
  2. Exercise – you might be thinking right, you just want me to get in shape and lose weight…nope…exercising helps to reduce stress and boost your energy. Try yoga, Pilates, cardio, and stretching to name a few. You can find many free videos to do at home.
  3. Host a gathering or go out to dinner with friends
  4. Turn the music up –  stream your favorite band to help uplift your mood and get you moving and singing
  5. Make your favorite winter beverage, grab your blanket, and curl up with a book/movie

There are many things we can do to help beat the winter blahs. Check out a website I found Carex (caring for you) that gives several different ideas for getting through the winter. I will definitely be trying several of their suggestions to help overcome my own winter blahs.

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