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How one guy is empowering, loving, and inspiring individuals through fitness.

It is more than fitness for Chris Downing. He believes in you when you don’t believe in yourself. I had the pleasure of speaking to Downing over the phone, and I can attest he has a strong passion for helping others succeed physically and mentally. I could hear the conviction as he spoke each word.

Chris Downing – Fitness Coach

His story is truly remarkable. His uncle called him one day, explaining how he had a dream. He told him about a fitness journey he saw Downing doing. He explained that he would change lives worldwide through fitness by designing and recording programs. He explained how it was going to have an impact on the community. Then one day, his uncle unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack. His death broke Downing, as his uncle was his father figure. Depression set in, and he needed to find a way to fight back and move on. 

He remembered his uncle’s dream and started working out as a way for him to stay connected to his uncle. He then started working out with his two-year-old and posting the videos on YouTube. The CEO of Beachbody noticed and flew him out to LA, where he became a fitness trainer and designed workout programs. 

Upon returning to his Stark County, Ohio roots, he designed a program-Over.The.Edge. It is a six-week fitness program with a performance-based nutrition plan. The program consists of cardio, strength, and core workouts.

You may believe you need to be fit to do this program, as I know I was thinking the same thing. Downing has created the program to fit ALL fitness levels. A modifier is provided for each workout for those of us who need low-impact movement to protect knees, joints, and any other limitations our body may be experiencing.

Over.The.Edge is available for purchase (and is 50% off at the moment). For more information and training, visit Be sure to follow Downing on Instagram. I know I will be!

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