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How Coffee Boosts Our Emotional Well-Being and Brain Power

Uncover what is really driving your Starbucks pumpkin latte obsession.

Coffee-infused wine, beer, lattes, and iced are just some ways consumers enjoy their daily cup of java. As the beverage gains popularity, so does our consumption of its prized component, caffeine. But what about the effects of coffee on our bodies?

The Science behind our love of coffee

The National Library of Medicine notes that caffeine has an effect on energy metabolism in the brain and can dopamine release, enhancing our alertness and brain function.

But coffee’s impact isn’t just biological. It’s also psychological and environmental, and not just about addiction. For many, like myself, a daily cup provides comfort. I recently sought refuge in a Starbucks amidst personal challenges and interruptions to my writing routine. There, amidst the melodies of Sinatra and Fitzgerald, surrounded by the aroma of coffee, my creativity soared.

Others at the coffee shop were engrossed in their tasks, from teenagers reminiscing about summer to individuals immersed in their laptops. There is a culture to the atmosphere that inspires routines, relaxation, and social bonding.

Coffee barrista smiling as she makes an espresso

The smell of a freshly brewed cup on a cold day can even bring a smile to Scrooge, but it’s more complicated than that.

Researchers have identified over 300 substances in the aroma. And are still learning what effects it has on coffee drinkers and those in the vicinity of its scent.

At coffee shops, you can feel the energy. But is it because of the drink or the atmosphere itself? 

Some suggest that coffee shops aren’t just about the coffee – the environment is the real magic. The Journal of Environmental Psychology hints that even expecting to drink an inviting cup can boost one’s performance – a kind of placebo effect.

Two cups of coffee with cream swirled hearts on top putting us in better moods.

But why do we love the smell of coffee?

Our love for coffee’s essence has spilled over to products like candles, lotions, and more. The big question is, can they elicit the same mental boost or comfort as a cup, even if it’s just a placebo effect?

The mysteries of coffee continue to unfold, but one thing’s crystal clear: its influence is vast. Whether you’re sipping it, enjoying the aroma, or just being near it, this magical bean has firmly cemented its place in our lives.

How does the magical brew find its way into your day? Morning fuel or an afternoon pick-me-up? Share your coffee stories with us. Your tales are as rich and varied as the beverage itself.

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