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4 Easy Steps on Documenting Your Summer Adventures with Your Smartphone

A picture is worth a thousand words. ~ Author Fred R. Barnard

Summer is a season of vacations, day trips, and explorations, leaving us with a treasure of memories. However, as time passes, the vivid details of these cherished moments tend to fade. Fortunately, we have a reliable travel companion in our pockets/purses that can help us relive those adventures: our smartphone.

In the past, handheld cameras from brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony, and others were indispensable for capturing cherished moments. As an avid photography enthusiast, my trusty Canon still accompanies me on significant journeys, ensuring I can indulge in my passion.

However, there are moments when I crave simplicity, and that is precisely where my phone comes in handy.

Our smartphones have become invaluable tools for capturing and safeguarding the essence of adventures. Their powerful cameras and storage capabilities serve as a window to the past with scenes of joy and wonder.

Our phones go beyond mere images, empowering us to record videos of sights and sounds of our ventures. I have an Apple iPhone, and while I am recording, I can snap still pictures simultaneously. Androids have the same capacity as well.

Regardless of your phone type, there are countless ways to harness its potential for photography. As an Apple iPhone user, I have discovered several features and techniques that can be applied to any smartphone. Here are a few things I do with my smartphone camera:

  1. Enable the camera grid: By turning on the camera grid, you can apply the rule of thirds – a composition technique that adds balance and interest to your photos. Utilize the gridlines to align the horizon along one of the horizontal lines or position your subject at one of the intersections where the lines intersect. (For an example see below of the picture of my girl, Gracie).
  1. Set the focus point: Tap the screen to select an area you want to be in focus.  A yellow square will indicate the focus point. Additionally, you will notice a sun symbol that allows you to adjust the image’s brightness, ensuring optimal exposure.
  1. Burst Mode: When capturing fast-paced moments like sports or other action shots, utilize burst mode. Simply hold down the shutter button to take a burst of photos in rapid succession. This enables you to select the best frame from the series or create captivating motion sequences.
  1. Flip the perspective: Embrace a different point of view by turning your phone upside down. This technique lets you get closer to the ground, opening new creative possibilities. It is handy for capturing unique shots through reflections and puddles.
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Your smartphone can do much more, including extended exposures, blurred backgrounds, and editing. The best way to be comfortable with your smartphone camera settings is to get out and start experimenting. Soon you will be capturing professional-looking images of all your adventures.

Comment below on how you preserve your memories to last a lifetime.

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