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Don’t Miss Out! Bargains Galore Await You at Ohio’s Largest Yard Sale

Yard Sale Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Calling all flippers, collectors, and garage sale enthusiastsThe Lincoln Highway Buy Way Sale is right around the corner. Make plans now to check out Ohio’s largest yard sale on Thursday, Aug 11-13th (always the second Thursday-Saturday of August).

The annual event draws shoppers from all over, searching for anything and everything you could ever want or need. Besides all the unique finds, like a prized baseball card or an antique victrola, there is food and music along the way as individuals, organizations, businesses, and communities participate in all the excitement and fun.

My family loves shopping through the countless sales along the route. We discovered so many treasures we had to tie a larger item to our roof rack and learned quickly to have a vehicle capable of holding all our glorious finds.

While shopping for exciting and unique items, take time to discover some history along the way. Check out the Travelers Guide for a map, and for last-minute details to make your adventure successful, visit Historic Byway and Ohio Traveler.

The Lincoln Highway begins in Times Square and is the first coast-to-coast route across America, ending in San Francisco. Dedicated to President Lincoln in 1913, it crosses Ohio from East Liverpool to Convoy. A few years later, as more roads were being built across the nation,  The Lincoln Highway was renamed the now familiar U.S. Rt 30.

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