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Don’t Miss Out on Summer’s Best Treat

It is that delicious time of the year, and summer’s first bounty is here. Thanks to warm days and the cool nights of late spring, fresh strawberries are popping up in farmer’s markets and stores everywhere. If you want them even fresher, there are plenty of Pick Your Own farms to visit. Strawberries are the world’s most popular fruit.

Rome was the first known to cultivate strawberries, and Provincial France considered them an aphrodisiac. Today, they grow all over the world. Whether you are a purist who eats them right out of the patch, or maybe you prefer to be a bit more decadent and dip yours in chocolate, there are so many ways to enjoy these bite-size jewels.

I have to admit; that there is nothing sweeter and more satisfying than homemade strawberry jam. It tastes like you just made it fresh. Put strawberries over yogurt or oatmeal for a fresh fruity taste for a quick treat. And who doesn’t love strawberry pie? Ripe, red strawberries piled high and topped with whip cream. Can you almost taste it?

Strawberries go great with everything from pound cake to cereal. If you want to get adventuresome, there are loads of recipes on the internet and in your favorite cookbook that will make you everyone’s favorite baker, even when it doesn’t require an oven! Here are just a few.

• Pancakes 

• Over ice cream 

• Parfaits 

• Tarts 

• Strawberry cocktails 

• Salads 

• Strawberry cake 

If satisfying your tastebuds isn’t enough, let’s not forget the multiple health benefits of these little heart-shaped beauties. According to Web MD, strawberries protect our hearts by increasing good cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, and guarding against cancer. Just eight strawberries provide more vitamin C than an orange, and they also are among the top 20 fruits in providing antioxidants and a good source of manganese and potassium. 

Now there is no reason not to indulge in enjoying some freshly picked strawberries warmed by the sun. So hurry on out to your favorite strawberry patch or market and get yours today. The season won’t last long. 

Hey, all you foodies out there, head over to our Facebook page and share your favorite strawberry recipe, and while you are there, you might just find a new one to try yourself. 

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