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Embrace the Waning Days of Summer

Embrace the Waning Days of Summer

I can’t believe we are nearing the end of our summer months. They fly by quickly; this year has been even busier than before. We can thank the Covid lockdowns of the past two years for that. But whatever the reason, the days are getting shorter, schools are starting up soon, and fall decorations are lining the aisles at the stores.

It is important to take these few remaining days and embrace the warmth of the summer sun, the sounds of the cicadas, and the magical glow of fireflies on a warm summer evening. The older we get and the busier we are, these simple pleasures get lost.

It is fantastic when we can provide our families with exciting vacations and fancy toys, but the older I get, the more my memories are about simple pleasures. I remember catching lightning bugs in a jar as a child. Then as a parent sitting on my swing on a warm summer night, drinking lemonade, listening to my kids play hide and seek in the evening’s twilight. And the best part is now that my children are grown, some of their favorite memories are catching lightning bugs and lying on the trampoline watching for shooting stars. The simple things we take for granted often mean the most.

Before the fall chill is in the air, take some time to spend with those you love and just sit and enjoy the moment because it will be gone way too soon.

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