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Exploring Funky Fall Vibes at Every Turn in Charming Fairfield County

Scarecrows are taking over this rural Ohio county!

Embark on an enchanting autumn journey through the heart of Fairfield County, where every twist and turn of the trail unveils a world of wonder waiting to be discovered. Venture into the tapestry of nature’s artistry as you traverse unique pathways leading to the charming secrets within.

Trail of Scarecrows Spectacular

Anticipation is high for this year’s event, poised to be a genuine crowd-pleaser. Enthusiasts are encouraged to craft scarecrows inspired by movies, vying for a shot at victory in new award categories. Aiming to have 300 scarecrows sets the stage for a fun-filled event.

Past champions include Sizzle the Firefighter, the hauntingly charming Little Scarecrow of Horrors, and the perplexing Headless Bikeman. 

From October 1 to 31, local businesses, households, and organizations will display a mix of inventive and sometimes eerie scarecrows throughout the county. Visitors can also dive into the fun by spotting these straw creations and using a unique code to register and potentially win prizes.

Scarecrow hunters can use a digital trail map available on the complimentary Fairfield County app beginning October 1 to track the fall favorite. 

Journey through Fairfield County

The Trail of Scarecrows is just one of this enchanting county’s many trails beckoning explorers.

Fairfield offers diverse trails to pique every interest— from craft beer and wine trails to an art lovers trail. The shopping trail remains a crowd-pleaser, be it for antiques, unique arts and crafts, or trendy attire.

The Covered Bridge Country Wine Trail proves that some things get better with age. This charming path winds through serene landscapes, past historic covered bridges, and inviting wineries.

The Autumn Trail, aptly suited for the season, takes wanderers through fruit-laden orchards, pumpkin-rich patches, and stands selling fresh harvest—a true embodiment of fall.

For the history buffs, Lancaster is a must-visit. Known as the birthplace of Civil War General William T. Sherman, the Sherman Trail offers an insightful trip into the era, covering cemeteries, architectural wonders, and historical sites like Camp Anderson.

Marvel at the whimsical scarecrows that pepper the landscape, like silent guardians of the land, inviting you to play a game of hide and seek amidst the fields. Wander through orchards where time seems to slow down, granting you a taste of the past as you pluck ripe treasures from the trees. As you wander, let the echoes of history resonate within you while you pass under the embrace of historic covered bridges, their wooden arches spanning time and space.

For more information, check out Visit Fairfield County and embark on your next fall escapade.

What fabulous fall adventures are you discovering around Ohio? Please tell us in the comments. We always love to hear what our readers enjoy. 

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