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Where Science Comes Alive:

Exploring the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland, Ohio

Along the stunning shores of Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio, lies the Great Lakes Science Center – a haven for curious minds, young and old alike. Recently, I had the opportunity to explore the wonders of science with my three grandchildren. 

It was one of our last hoorahs before school resumed. 

Upon entering the Great Lakes Science Center, we were immediately greeted with gigantic windows overlooking Lake Erie (of course, this was our first picture moment). The excitement kept growing as we entered the Dinosaurs of the Sahara exhibit, and for a moment, it felt like we had traveled back in time to the day of dinosaurs. 

Our visit included touching fossils, viewing captivating footage from an interactive dinosaur excavation site, and enthusiastically participating in our fossil digs. Naturally, we couldn’t resist pausing to capture memories of the life-sized dinosaur skeletons, undoubtedly the exhibit’s highlight. It’s worth mentioning that for the 2023 season, this exhibit will only be accessible until September 4th. 

Three children digging for fossils at the Great Lakes Science Center.

We headed up the stairs to a world of learning and experimenting. NASA Glenn Visitor Center took us through a portal into the fascinating world of space. Our eyes were immediately drawn to life-sized astronaut suits and gear. It was like stepping into these astronauts’ shoes (or rather, the spacesuits). We learned how daily lives in space, tested our skills at landing the shuttle, and had the opportunity to sit inside a capsule, acquainting ourselves with the array of instruments they rely on during their journeys into space.

Two children attempting to land a shuttle.

The Biomedtech Gallery offers an immersive experience featuring a rich collection of videos and educational exhibits centered around genomics, stem cells, prosthetics, functional electrical stimulation, and medical imaging. We discovered how these cutting-edge technologies impact our daily lives. We could control a prosthetic arm and explore the inside of the stomach with an endoscopic camera. 

Our learning experience continued with electricity and magnetism, the fascinating world of light and how it works, the secrets of sound and why things make noise, and lots of really cool things.

My three-year-old granddaughter had an absolute blast exploring the wonder of science at the Polymer Funhouse, an exhibit designed primarily for children aged seven and younger. This delightful space allows young scientists to climb, construct, and engage with polymers. The “ball pond” was a major hit, brimming with thousands of vibrant balls. She and her cousins eagerly fed these balls into a contraption that utilized air to propel them upward and over into a container, providing them the joy of releasing the balls and observing their descent. 

Beyond these doors, you’ll find various engaging water-themed exhibits for hands-on exploration, which was a huge hit with my granddaughter. 

As we left the Great Lakes Science Center, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for this opportunity to nurture curiosity in the minds of my grandchildren. As summer fades and the school year is upon us, we carry these memories with us, knowing the spirit of exploration and discovery will continue to thrive in our hearts. 

For more information about the world of the Great Lakes Science Center, visit their Website at and follow them on Facebook for up-to-date happenings.

Please share some of your favorite science exhibits in the comment section below. 

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