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Grand River Wineries: The Turkey Trot Wine Adventure Awaits!

Grand River wineries host Turkey trot with wines ranging from whites to deep reds in back of a plate of chef inspired chocolate dessert pairings
The vineyards of the Grand River wineries invite visitors to explore the grounds

Ditch the running shoes and discover the wineries of Ashtabula County

November 5, 2023, Noon-5 PM

What does Turkey Trot have to do with wineries?

There are certain phrases that, upon hearing, set our hearts racing or palms sweating. “Turkey Trot” is one of them for many. This term conjures up images of a post-feast run or walk, attempting to burn off the myriad of calories consumed during a lavish Thanksgiving feast. The type of event where you expect to get up early on a chilly morning, squeeze into a pair of leggings, and trot alongside enthusiastic runners in turkey-themed costumes. But not at the Grand River wineries.

This Turkey Trot is nothing of that sort. The only thing we find ourselves racing towards is the next winery on the list.

Grand River wineries serve up deliciousness

Against the picturesque backdrop of Ashtabula County, Ohio, the Grand River Valley wineries present a different kind of Turkey Trot. As Ohio wineries continue to flourish across the state, the Ashtabula wine trail celebrates the season with its rich wine culture with an afternoon filled with fun, food, and some vino. 

The event involves pairing the right wine with the correct dish, elevating a simple Thanksgiving dinner. For just $9 at each location, wine enthusiasts interact with experts, asking questions, learning, and sipping wine. Each bite and sip is a celebration of the season’s harvest.

This area of Ohio is an agricultural gem with nutrient-dense soil and an ideal climate. Ancient glaciers once graced the region, creating fertile ground for grape cultivation. There’s a flourishing wine culture, with 32 wineries (and counting) marking their presence.

Grand River Cellars Winery pours Christmas in a bottle

If you can visit the Grand River Cellars Winery, ask about their chocolate concord port. It comes in a festive Christmas tree-shaped bottle and is only available for a limited time. Dessert wines are typical, but this? It’s heavenly. It’s the holidays in a single glass. Velvety, chocolatey, with a hint of fruitiness. It is a must on my list for the upcoming season. 

The Turkey Trot combines sensory delights, from scenic drives to rich flavors, all while showcasing Ohio’s thriving wine culture. 

So, when someone mentions a Turkey Trot, check for wine. If there’s wine, it’s a treat waiting to happen.

For information on Ashtabula wineries or the Turkey Trot, visit the Ashtabula County Visitors Bureau or Compass Ohio’s Events page for more fall adventures. 

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