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It’s About Time

The cold, wet days of winter hung on much longer than we wanted this year. As the sunshine streams through the window today, I look out and see tulips that have finally pushed their way to the surface and the blossoms of a dogwood tree in full bloom. The grass is green and although better weather means that extra exercise of yard work, we gladly accept it just to be outdoors.

Bright sunshine changes your outlook on life, even though we continue to do the same day-to-day activities we did in months past. I see people getting outside for their normal evening walk in the neighborhood. They are eager to share a hello with neighbors they haven’t seen for a while.

Opening the windows to let some fresh air in, we’re starting to plan graduation parties, barbecues, picnics and summer sports. Can a warm, fun day on the lake or at the pool be far behind? I think not.

As I walk around my yard picking up the last of the tree branches courtesy of the spring storms and wind, and contemplating picking a bouquet of tulips to bring some spring inside the house, I say to myself, “It’s about time.”

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