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Adventures in the Sun: A Day at Pioneer Waterland and Dry Fun Park

Crystal blue skies with temperatures in the lower 80s makes for a perfect day to venture to the Pioneer Waterland and Dry Fun Park in the picturesque town of Chardon, Ohio.

I was eager to experience the park’s charms with my daughter and two grandsons. We had never been to this park before, but as soon as we arrived, we knew it would be a memorable day.

We made our way to an open area full of reclining lounge chairs, where we picked out our spot for the day. In front of us was a dinosaur and elephant water slide, a water obstacle course, and another section meant more for infants and toddlers.

Our first activity was the obstacle course, which looked easy enough, especially after watching my eight-year-old grandson navigate it effortlessly. However, my attempts could have been more successful, as I took a tumble into the water after just two steps. Nonetheless, I enjoyed watching the boys conquer the challenge with skills and enthusiasm.

The time had come for some relaxation on the lazy river. We connected our inner tubes to float together, basking in the sun’s warmth and letting the gentle current carry us along the course. After a few leisurely rounds, the boys were anxious to try what I thought were gigantic waterslides and had no intentions of trying them myself.

The boy’s excitement had them to the top of the platform in no time. With no fear, they took the plunge down, twisting and turning on the black hole-enclosed dark slide, dumping them out at the bottom with a splash. As they reached the bottom, you heard pure excitement and laughter. Back up the steps, they went to repeat. and back up the steps they went.

The park also has other slides, the Twin Bonzai speed slides, the Thriller spiraling waterslide, and the Screamer spiraling waterslide. Thankfully my daughter and I escaped the challenge of these slides.

We took a spin on the go-karts, paddled our way around the lake on paddle boats, played games, and, of course, ate some ice cream.

The park offered more than we had time for, including batting cages, playgrounds, water volleyball and basketball, golf range cages, air cannon shooting, jumping pillow, and more. If you’re seeking a spontaneous and memorable outing for the kids before they head back to school, I wholeheartedly recommend Pioneer Waterland and Dry Fun Park. Check out their website for operation hours, and don’t miss their special event, Nightmare@Pioneer, for some extra thrills and chills.

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