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Second Sole Supports Every Runner and Walker

As the weather turns to longer and warmer days, more individuals are heading outdoors for exercise. Whether you are a runner or a walker, the right shoe is vital to help increase your comfort and enjoyment.

Running Shoe vs. Walking Shoe

Is there a difference? Yes, as we use different muscles.

Running is a high-impact activity, and your body reacts differently. The foot usually comes down first on the heel and rolls forward to the ball of your foot. Or you may land on the ball of your foot first and push off. No matter which style, the body absorbs three times your body weight.

Walking is less impactful as the body only absorbs about one and a half times your body weight. The body’s weight spreads evenly through the feet and legs.

At Second Sole, their philosophy is supporting every runner and walker who comes through their door. Beginning as a tiny shop in 1981, it has since grown to include eight distinct locations that offer runners and walkers a customized experience and the best products.

Each store offers a gait analysis along with an injury history consultation. The information allows their staff to understand what shoes or insoles are best for each person.

Second Sole prides itself on individual experiences tailored to the customer’s needs. All staff are highly trained on all products to provide customers with the best accessories to enhance their run, walk, or everyday life.

My closet has three types of shoes to fit my needs from running, walking and my everyday activities. Do you have the proper support?

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