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Explore the Sky Tonight Using One of 2 Best Apps for Stargazing Free

Have you ever stood outside after dark and stared up with wonder and awe at all the stars above? I know I have countless times, and I am always left with a feeling of curiosity, trying to decipher what I am looking at.

Now you don’t have to wonder any longer.

Thanks to many stargazing apps, we can all become amateur astronomers and explore the world beyond. Discover the constellations of the Northern Hemisphere, count the planets visible on a given night, and see comets and other celestial bodies with the help of a night sky app. Although some work in the daytime. 

2 Top Rated Free Stargazing Apps available on Android and iOS

Star Walk 2 is the newest version of Star Walk and continues to amaze stargazers with mesmerizing graphics and clarity. You can view past and future skies, and various camera modes allow for scrolling, manual, free roam, and augmented reality.

Sky Tonight is created by the same developers as Star Walk 2. The apps have some similarities but are galaxies apart in other ways. Sky Tonight displays an interactive map showing the real-time positions of celestial objects, more stars, and deep sky objects. It provides information concerning current astrological news, details, and lore about what you see in the night sky.

While the two apps mentioned offer plenty for the amateur astronomer for free, they also include additional features at tiered costs.

Exploring Astronomy

The two apps mentioned are just a few of the amazing apps available. Other free apps exist, but some are only Android or iOS-specific, and others require in-app purchases or subscriptions.

Don’t let cost deter you from exploring the galaxies above. Check out one of the free apps today and spend the evening under the stars discovering what lies beyond our touch.

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