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Summer Memories are Waiting Just Across the Lake

“I found a diamond!” shrieked my grandson as we mined for gemstones at the Perry’s Cave on Put In Bay this past weekend. No, he didn’t really find a diamond, but he found lots of treasures. Everyone, young and old, got in on the fun. Even Grandpa was thrilled to find an arrowhead.

A weekend family trip began with a ferry ride to the island where we got golf carts, or as the grandkids say, “party buses!” We rented an Airbnb on the lake that provided the perfect setting for family fun.

Our party buses took us on sun-soaked adventures as we toured the island. We made a stop at The Candy Bar, where they have the most delicious fudge and taffy that your eyes glaze over just looking at it. We found souvenirs for everyone at the gift shop next door, and I mean everyone, from a ballerina doll for the youngest to a hat for me, ahem—one of the oldest.

The kids loved riding Kimberly’s Carousel, one of the oldest carousels in the country. Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center also offers interesting exhibits and interactive activities and at dinner by the marina, we saw a car/boat! The actual name is amphicar. I didn’t know such a thing existed.

The island is a great getaway for all ages. From stunning sunrises to breathtaking sunsets, stress simply disappears across the waves.

On our last night, we were stargazing as the grandkids played with those styrofoam airplanes we all grew up with, only now they light up! There were squeals of laughter, hushed voices, airplanes soaring around us, and love filling the air.

Making memories like this is what summer vacations are all about.

Photo #2 courtesy of author Trish Mann

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