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The Beauty and Power of Mother Nature on Display in Ohio’s Waterfalls

Spring has returned, and it is time to get back outside and enjoy the beauty often only afforded this time of year. Winter releases its icy grip as melting snow, and spring rains combine to create magnificent waterfalls throughout the region as the temperatures rise.  

Whether you are a seasoned hiker or someone who prefers easy terrain, there is a waterfall for you.

Hocking Hills is home to many spectacular waterfalls. Big Spring Hollow Falls is the tallest in the state with a drop of 120’, and Cedar Falls is most majestic. It is a half-mile hike along a stream surrounded by hemlocks and boulders. Other falls in the area include Ash Cave Falls and Whispering Falls, among others.

Northeast Ohio also boasts some fantastic falls. The Cuyahoga National Park alone has over 100 falls, most in the northern portion. However, not all are mapped out or available by trail. Bridal Veil Falls is about a quarter-mile walk from your car, while the popular Brandywine Falls is accessible from a scenic route or a shorter path leading you to steps to the falls. Blue Hen Falls offers something for everyone. You can take a short half-mile walk to it, or you can be more adventurous and take either an eight or four-mile round-trip hike too. 

The southwestern part of the state is home to many scenic falls. Charleston Falls is an impressive waterfall at over 40’ and is in the 416-acre Charleston Falls Preserve. Indian Run Falls in Dublin was once home to the Wyandot tribe, and there is an observation platform, bridge, and scenic trails around the falls.

While the falls are breathtaking, nature offers beauty at every step. Spring is a perfect time to see wildflowers reaching for the warm sun, and wildlife is peeking around every rock and tree. Keep your eyes peeled, and you never know what you may see. 

This spring, be sure to wear appropriate footwear and clothing. A 60-degree day can be drastically colder on the trails, and there may be icy patches and slick surfaces. A walking stick, waterproof footwear, and layering will make your adventure more enjoyable.  

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