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Discover Allegheny National Forest’s Waterfalls Wonders

Waterfalls of Allegheny National Forest at Bent Run

Experience the stunning beauty of Bent Run Waterfall, a breathtaking cascade along Rt. —59 in the Allegheny National Forest. It transforms into a powerful spectacle in the lively spring months, swelling with the spring rains and runoff.

Exploring Amish Heritage in Holmes County, Ohio

A young boy holding a black and white goat at an Amish Farm

Holmes County offers a journey through scenic landscapes and a deep appreciation for a lifestyle of simplicity and tradition. From the inviting atmosphere of Hershberger’s Farm & Bakery to the historical insights of Yoder’s Amish Home, the lively Dandelion Festival, and the tranquil Hummingbird Hill Flower Farm, each site provides a distinct perspective on this captivating region.

Explore Sand Run Falls: Spring Hiking in The Potter-Tioga Region, PA

Explore Sand Run Falls: Spring Hiking in The Potter-Tioga Region, PA

The best times to visit Sand Run Falls are April through October, with spring particularly magical. This period sees the landscape transform as winter’s touch recedes, and nature awakens in a riot of colors and life. The climate is also favorable, with mild temperatures and the refreshing spring breeze making the hike pleasant and invigorating.

A Sweet Surprise for Valentine’s Day: Upside-Down Peach Cake

Upside down peach cake

Valentine’s Day brings a twist with a homemade Upside-Down Peach Cake in a heart-shaped pan, a perfect blend of love and simplicity. This delightful treat, easy to prepare with basic ingredients, promises a memorable celebration of love and togetherness.

Celebrating Black History Month: A Time of Honor and Reflection

Black History Month

February’s Black History Month honors and celebrates African Americans’ significant contributions throughout history. Established by Carter G. Woodson, this month enriches our knowledge, fostering an inclusive portrayal of American history and encouraging the recognition of African Americans’ achievements.

Escaping to Hocking Hills Lodge & Conference Center: A Workcation Like No Other

Hocking Hills Lodge & Conference Center

Immerse yourself in a workday like no other at Hocking Hills Lodge & Conference Center. Replace your usual office backdrop with breathtaking natural landscapes. Here, your work is infused with tranquility and inspiration, as sunlit guest rooms open up to views of lush greenery. Embrace productivity anew, and when it’s time for a break, let the winding trails rejuvenate your spirit. It’s not just work; it’s an inspiring escape into nature’s embrace.