Deck the Halls: A Holly Jolly Guide to Picking and Pampering Your Christmas Tree

A pavillion filled with assorted Christmas Trees and holiday wreaths

let’s talk about the star of the show (no, not Santa) – the Christmas tree! Picking the perfect coniferous companion isn’t just about grabbing the first green thing you see. Oh no, it’s an art form! Let’s dive into the wonderful world of Christmas trees and how to keep them merry and bright with this handy Christmas Tree Guide.

Magical Holiday Zoo Lights & Winter Nights

A lighted ornament encapsulates a young boy who is in awe of the magic of the zoo's holiday light display

Sipping on hot chocolate with a cheeky adult twist for us grown-ups, we savored the warmth and sweetness, a perfect antidote to the winter chill. The kids were over the moon with their color-changing lighted candy canes, waving them around like little magicians.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade: Inspiring Wonder and Joy for More than 100 years

1924: Imagine the streets of New York alive with excitement! Children, with rosy cheeks and wide-eyed wonder, line the streets from 145th Street all the way to Macy’s. Stories they had only read about or heard in bedtime tales — from Mother Goose legends to the animals of Central Park Zoo — all paraded right before their eyes. And, of course, bringing up the rear with joy and jubilation was Santa himself.

12 Easy Tips to Help You Kickstart Your Holiday Preparations

A woman is frazzled about all the steps she needs to take to make her holidays easy

Embrace the enchantment of the holiday season with these delightful steps from Compass Ohio. From decking the halls and budgeting wisely to crafting heartfelt gifts and savoring sweet delights, let the magic of the season fill your heart. Explore our guide for more holiday happenings and scrumptious recipes, and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime!”

Canton Palace Theatre Brings Holiday Magic to the Big Screen

Palace Theatre Auditorium with marquee sign from outside on the right

Join us in celebrating the true essence of Christmas, with movies that resonate with every age and heart. Let’s journey together into stories of hope, joy, mischief, and miracles. After all, this isn’t just movie-watching, it’s about stepping into a bygone era and embracing the pure, unadulterated joy of cinema in its most nostalgic form.

Wellsboro, PA: The Town That Saved Christmas 

A galvanized tray displaying assorted vintage shiny brite ornaments

World War II wasn’t just a global conflict; it affected even the smallest facets of daily life, including the cherished tradition of decorating Christmas trees. Prior to the war, a significant portion of glass ornaments in American homes hailed from Germany. However, the conflict disrupted this import, creating an impending shortage in the U.S. and threatening to dim the festive spirit.

Reliving Autumn Adventures of Time Spent in Ohio’s Parks

Reliving Autumn Memories of time spent in our parks as woman tosses leaves i the air in jubilation.

As fall colors light up the parks in Ohio, memories are made with every step on the trails. Whether hiking with family, riding bikes, or just sitting by a quiet lake, the beauty of autumn is everywhere, we are reminded of importance of seizing the moment before winter’s return.