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Amish Country Holiday Events

As you plan your holiday celebrations and consider ways to enjoy time together, making memories and sharing experiences, here are some suggestions for memorable moments.

Amish Country Ohio for the Holidays

At the time of this writing, COVID cases are on the rise and the Delta variant is lurking about. By the time you read this, hopefully we are able to be out and about, freely enjoying all the wonderful experiences that have become part of our holiday season. For some of us, the family traditions […]

Holidays in Walnut Creek

How Will You Celebrate In 2020? This year has been unforgettable, but not in the wonderful way Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole sang about in their popular song. There are many words to describe this year and most of them would not describe “Happy Holidays”. When you think back over 2020, words like scary, […]

Village of Walnut Creek

Time for an Adventure Ride in Walnut Creek It’s that time of year. Everyone is desperate for sunshine and a change of scenery. Playing in the snow and sitting by a fire have lost their charm. Spring weather will be warm and wonderful. Families will be preparing for their first vacation of summer, and Little […]

Ohio Star Theater Holiday Events

There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays – or is there? The familiar song says “Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays.” But sometimes, circumstances bring us to a place where we need to find a change of place for the holidays, a place where we can make new memories or start […]

Dutch Valley Holidays

Sometimes, after a long, hot summer, the fresh crisp air of fall and the first flying flakes are wonderfully refreshing. The thought of a night by the fire sounds romantic and cozy. Your eyes fill with happy tears when remembering that special Christmas – the year you received the puppy you begged for or the […]