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Case Farms Ohio

Case Farms: A Family-Oriented Company

Case Farms was founded by Thomas R. Shelton in December 1986. With over 23 years of management experience in the poultry industry, Shelton realized the goal of owning his own company by purchasing a small, family-owned poultry operation in Ohio, Case Egg & Poultry.

It included a processing plant in Winesburg, Ohio; a hatchery in Strasburg, Ohio; and a food distribution facility in Akron, Ohio. In its first year of operation, Case Farms processed 135,000 chickens per week, had 140 team members, and produced 22 million pounds of poultry products.

Case Farms is a fully integrated poultry farming and processing group of individuals that work together to produce consistent, quality poultry products and to deliver superior service to every customer, every time. Case Farms currently processes 3.3 million birds per week, has over 3,200 dedicated team members, and produces in excess of 1 billion pounds of fresh, partially cooked, and frozen-for-export poultry products per year. The company has operations or offices in Ohio and North Carolina. These facilities are required to maintain Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety metrics.

Case Farms has received numerous awards from the Poultry Industry Safety Council in both North Carolina and Ohio. They have a team-work mentality and respect the values of their team members, their families and friends, as well as the communities that surround them and their facilities. Since its inception, Case Farms has supported organizations large and small that focus on healthcare, education, child care, safety, community development, medical research or another worthy cause.

At Case Farms, employees are their most important asset, and their safety is of paramount importance. Providing a work environment that ensures employee safety and health is a top priority. This commitment to safety is shared by all employees and is rooted in the belief that safety can be managed and incidents can be eliminated. They are committed to using resources that allow their partner family farmers to make a living, while providing products that offer quality nourishment at an affordable price.

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Dedication to employees and their families is reflected in the annual family fun day at Clay’s Park in Canal Fulton, Ohio. The day encompasses inflatables and games for the children, games and events for the adults and, of course, plenty of food. Case Farms believes that this annual fun day strengthens employer-employee relations by showing their commitment to family.

Case Farms believes it is the responsibility of each team member to commit to product safety and to maintain a workplace where product safety is a top priority. As such, they utilize a Safety Management System that includes commitment and accountability, policies and procedures, and employee education and training.

They strive for continuous improvement in the pursuit of an outstanding safety culture and believe it is every employee’s responsibility to promote a safe and healthy work environment. Case Farms is concerned about preserving the earth’s precious resources while producing wholesome, quality, safe and affordable protein for a growing global population.

As a multi-state and vertically-integrated business, Case Farms has employment opportunities that span a broad range. They choose their associates not just as employees in the business, but as members of the team. Team members are provided an outstanding package of benefits, competitive compensation and an opportunity to achieve career success.

Be part of an amazing organization that cares about people. If you want to join a growing and successful company, Case Farms wants to hear from you. For employment opportunities, check out

Case Farms Ohio

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