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Find Your Best Summer in the Charm of Noble County, Ohio!

A ferris wheel at the Noble County Fair

From the excitement of the Caldwell Fireman’s Festival to the artistic allure of Art on the Square, the agricultural traditions of the Noble County Fair, and the captivating Hillside Winery,  there’s no shortage of experiences to enjoy. 

Savor the Summer Season in Knox County, Ohio


The Mount Vernon Music & Arts Festival is the crown jewel of Knox County’s summer events. As the largest festival in the county, it showcases an impressive lineup of musical talent, art exhibits, and culinary delights. This festival celebrates creativity and community spirit, drawing people from all walks of life to revel in the joy of music and arts.

The Coshocton Sunflower Festival: Savor the Sweet Moments of Summer

A wagon full of eager participants in the Sunflower Festival In Coshocton OHio

The festival’s main weekend is an absolute must-visit, with the peak bloom window unveiling a mesmerizing view of the sunflowers in their full splendor. Wagon rides, live music, food trucks, a wine and beer garden, and craft vendors contribute to the festive atmosphere.

Hot Summer Events in Athens County

A man in red shirt and red hat singing at an outdoor music venue in Athens Ohio

Experience the original Ohio Brew Week. This 9-day festival celebrates Ohio’s brewing and fermenting prowess. With hundreds of beers, select ciders, meads, and more, this event is a must for craft brew enthusiasts.

Happy 60th Birthday COSI

A young boy is looking at his boarding pass for the Titanic in front of a model of the ship at COSI Science Museum

For 60 years, COSI has inspired interest in science, technology, engineering, math, and art (STEAM) topics
while delivering a fun, experiential, “hands-on” brand of learning. 60 years also comes with a lot of recent accolades for the science museum in 2023,

Discover the Awe-Inspiring Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks

The graded arches symbolize the earthworks both above and below the ground. The moon rises above them, representing the many lunar alignments found in the earthworks and the rhythm of nature that has been written in the land. Water features run along the base of the earthworks just as they once did, thousands of years ago. Purple was chosen for the sky to symbolize a wise, revered and maternal presence.

An Epic Waterfall Wonder: Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls at night with a rainbow of colors illuminating the falls and a city skyline in the distance

The Journey Behind the Falls entrance is located at Table Rock Centre. This adventure starts with an elevator ride down 125 feet, after which you will explore tunnels while feeling the vibration of the falls over your head. At the end of one tunnel, an opening allows you to take a photo from behind the Horseshoe Falls while thousands of gallons of water flow over it.