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Ohio Hills Folk Festival: Where Tradition, Harmony, and the Arts Are Celebrated

A summer festival of music and dancing under a pavillion at the Ohio Hills Folk Festival

The festival’s roots trace back to a simple fair started in 1871. Though the original fair eventually ended, the spirit of celebration was rekindled in 1904 as “Fall Entertainment” and later as “Homecoming.” Since then, it has been an unbroken tradition, weaving through the generations and becoming a cherished part of the community’s fabric.

Find Your Best Summer in the Charm of Noble County, Ohio!

A ferris wheel at the Noble County Fair

From the excitement of the Caldwell Fireman’s Festival to the artistic allure of Art on the Square, the agricultural traditions of the Noble County Fair, and the captivating Hillside Winery,  there’s no shortage of experiences to enjoy. 

Hot Summer Events in Athens County

A man in red shirt and red hat singing at an outdoor music venue in Athens Ohio

Experience the original Ohio Brew Week. This 9-day festival celebrates Ohio’s brewing and fermenting prowess. With hundreds of beers, select ciders, meads, and more, this event is a must for craft brew enthusiasts.

The Summit Brew Path

A couple enjoying their beer at HiHo Brewery on the Summit Brew Path

The Summit Brew Path will take you to over 20 different unique and local breweries throughout Summit County.

Winter Wine Escape

Wine pouring at Chateau Winery and Vineyards

Chateau Winery and Vineyards in Helena comes alive with a unique charm that beckons visitors to embrace the season.