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Goose Control Ideas

Meet Vic When you or your children were little, playing duck, duck, goose was an all-time favorite. However, now as an adult, I bet geese in any form are not on your list of fun. Oh sure, the first time I saw a goose heading to our pond, I was in awe. We all have […]


By Elaine Kish, Compass Media Staff Writer Every day millions of Americans use their health insurance coverage for everything from wellness physicals to major surgeries and hospitalizations. But what happens when your pet needs medical treatment? In 1997 a group of investors in Canton, Ohio, saw a need for a service to pet owners in […]

Pet Insurance

By Elaine Kish When you enter the front door of Hartville Pet Insurance Group the lobby appears the same as that of any other office building. The receptionist, JuDee, greets you and inquires as to your name and who you would like to see. The similarity to other offices ends when Judee’s “assistant,” an 11-month-old […]