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New River Gorge: A World-Class Adventure Destination

New River Gorge offers world white water rafting

The New River Gorge area in West Virginia is a paradise for those looking for adventure, music,
and natural beauty during the summer. With its famous music festivals and world-class
whitewater rafting, there’s no shortage of excitement and entertainment.

Endless Mountain Music Festival: A Harmonious Blend in Potter-Tioga

Endless Mountain Music

The Endless Mountain Music Festival (EMMF) is a summer highlight in Pennsylvania’s Potter-Tioga region. This annual event attracts music lovers from far and wide to enjoy a diverse lineup against the backdrop of the endless mountains in north-central Pennsylvania. A Rich History and Eclectic Lineup Established to showcase high-quality music and the area’s natural beauty, […]

Explore the Natural Beauty of Allegheny National Forest

There’s something for all, whether a hiker, biker, history buff, or festival-goer. Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate 100 years of growth and adventure in one of Pennsylvania’s most treasured natural landscapes. 

Ohio Hills Folk Festival: Where Tradition, Harmony, and the Arts Are Celebrated

A summer festival of music and dancing under a pavillion at the Ohio Hills Folk Festival

The festival’s roots trace back to a simple fair started in 1871. Though the original fair eventually ended, the spirit of celebration was rekindled in 1904 as “Fall Entertainment” and later as “Homecoming.” Since then, it has been an unbroken tradition, weaving through the generations and becoming a cherished part of the community’s fabric.

Savor the Summer Season in Knox County, Ohio


The Mount Vernon Music & Arts Festival is the crown jewel of Knox County’s summer events. As the largest festival in the county, it showcases an impressive lineup of musical talent, art exhibits, and culinary delights. This festival celebrates creativity and community spirit, drawing people from all walks of life to revel in the joy of music and arts.

The Coshocton Sunflower Festival: Savor the Sweet Moments of Summer

A wagon full of eager participants in the Sunflower Festival In Coshocton OHio

The festival’s main weekend is an absolute must-visit, with the peak bloom window unveiling a mesmerizing view of the sunflowers in their full splendor. Wagon rides, live music, food trucks, a wine and beer garden, and craft vendors contribute to the festive atmosphere.

Embrace Your Summer Nights in Ohio Amish Country

A performer at the Amish Theatre on a Summer evening performance

Discover the enchanting charm of Ohio’s Amish Country, a destination that has blossomed into a captivating blend of relaxation and excitement. No longer just a day trip, this region invites you to explore its unique shopping, vibrant entertainment, diverse lodging, and family-friendly activities.