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Happy 60th Birthday COSI

A young boy is looking at his boarding pass for the Titanic in front of a model of the ship at COSI Science Museum

For 60 years, COSI has inspired interest in science, technology, engineering, math, and art (STEAM) topics
while delivering a fun, experiential, “hands-on” brand of learning. 60 years also comes with a lot of recent accolades for the science museum in 2023,

Explore the Brandywine Falls Trail

Spring offers vernal pools along with prime bloom season and summer comes with sunset views and beautiful weather. The fall is filled with color-changing leaves and the winter brings a winter wonderland giving the waterfall a whole new look! No matter what time of year you visit the trail, there are beautiful sights to see each time to make the same trail feel like a brand new one.

Discover Allegheny National Forest’s Waterfalls Wonders

Waterfalls of Allegheny National Forest at Bent Run

Experience the stunning beauty of Bent Run Waterfall, a breathtaking cascade along Rt. —59 in the Allegheny National Forest. It transforms into a powerful spectacle in the lively spring months, swelling with the spring rains and runoff.

Exploring Amish Heritage in Holmes County, Ohio

A young boy holding a black and white goat at an Amish Farm

Holmes County offers a journey through scenic landscapes and a deep appreciation for a lifestyle of simplicity and tradition. From the inviting atmosphere of Hershberger’s Farm & Bakery to the historical insights of Yoder’s Amish Home, the lively Dandelion Festival, and the tranquil Hummingbird Hill Flower Farm, each site provides a distinct perspective on this captivating region.

Discover the Awe-Inspiring Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks

The graded arches symbolize the earthworks both above and below the ground. The moon rises above them, representing the many lunar alignments found in the earthworks and the rhythm of nature that has been written in the land. Water features run along the base of the earthworks just as they once did, thousands of years ago. Purple was chosen for the sky to symbolize a wise, revered and maternal presence.

Fresh-Air Fun in Ohio’s Largest Playground

A woman ziplining through the trees in Warren County, knonw as Ohio's Largest Playground

Featuring more than 40,000 acres of land designated by the Ohio Department of Natural resources, including miles upon miles of breathtaking trails, a relaxing recreational river, a sprawling state park and even skyscraping ziplines, Warren County has quietly become one of the Buckeye State’s most popular stops for fresh-air fun.

An Epic Waterfall Wonder: Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls at night with a rainbow of colors illuminating the falls and a city skyline in the distance

The Journey Behind the Falls entrance is located at Table Rock Centre. This adventure starts with an elevator ride down 125 feet, after which you will explore tunnels while feeling the vibration of the falls over your head. At the end of one tunnel, an opening allows you to take a photo from behind the Horseshoe Falls while thousands of gallons of water flow over it.

Explore Sand Run Falls: Spring Hiking in The Potter-Tioga Region, PA

Explore Sand Run Falls: Spring Hiking in The Potter-Tioga Region, PA

The best times to visit Sand Run Falls are April through October, with spring particularly magical. This period sees the landscape transform as winter’s touch recedes, and nature awakens in a riot of colors and life. The climate is also favorable, with mild temperatures and the refreshing spring breeze making the hike pleasant and invigorating.

The Annie Oakley Trail: Darke County’s Tribute to a Legendary Woman

A side of a white barn displaying a picture of a young Annie Oakley poised to take a shot with a gun and the quote "Aim at a high mark and you'll hit it."

Annie Oakley was more than just a skilled markswoman; she pioneered women’s rights and empowerment. In a time when women were largely confined to traditional roles, Oakley shattered stereotypes, advocating for equal pay in the entertainment industry and empowering women through shooting sports. She believed in the strength and capability of women,