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Endless Pools

As a boy, James Murdock listened to his father’s stories of childhood swims against the current in irrigation channels. After years of working to recreate his father’s experience of swimming in place, in 1988 Murdock installed his first swimming machine on the pool deck at Columbia University in New York City. That event launched the brand known as Endless Pools. In 2015, Endless Pools was acquired by Watkins Wellness, a leading manufacturer of hot tubs. The merger of these two companies has resulted in a combination of the best swim-in-place technology with the best in spa manufacturing for an all-in-one home fitness system.

It’s a known fact that an aquatic workout offers all the cardiovascular benefits of exercise without the side-effects of a land-based workout. Imagine being able to swim whatever distance you desire in your own backyard or home using a fraction of the space required for a traditional swimming pool. Then, follow that swim with a relaxing soak in the spa section and you have endless possibilities.

A variety of pools are available
This is a commercial photograph taken by Skip O’Donnell off ODonnell photograf of an Endless Pool for Watkins Spa.

As an alternative to an in-ground pool and home exercise equipment, also known as a “swim spa,” Endless Pools® Fitness Systems or SwimCross™ Exercise Systems start with the swim machine or five swim jets. The swim machine uses a custom-made propeller, multiple conditioning grills, and with its top speed of 5,000 gallons per minute, you have a swim current free of turbulence. Swim jet models use a venturi effect to entrain more water, resulting in stronger resistance and less turbulence than other swim spas. After that, each unit is fitted with additional features chosen by the buyer. One option is an underwater treadmill that offers low-impact running and walking options. Handrails provide options for barre exercises and the ability to attach a row bar kit with resistance gear. A swim tether, pace displays and an underwater mirror can be added for monitoring your swim routine. After your swim/exercise session you will enjoy moving to the spa section with jets, captain’s chairs and pillows for comfort and full body relaxation.

Endless Pools can be installed indoors or outdoors. As far as the appearance of your fitness system, there are options for colors of the cabinet and shell which you can choose to complement the color of your home or backyard. A thermal heat blanket with foil film backing, reflective film and EPS foam provides three layers of insulation to conserve heat. You can select a Watkins bi-fold cover to maintain heat and reduce evaporation and it can be combined with the Watkins Lifter System for easy operation. Also available is the VacuSeal lifting system which ensures a tight seal between covers for optimal efficiency.

Swim in place pools allow swimmers to exercise in minimal space
This is a commercial photograph taken by Skip O’Donnell off ODonnell photograf of an Endless Pool for Watkins Spa.

For additional information about Endless Pools® Fitness Systems or SwimCross™ Exercise Systems, see their website at To schedule your test swim and to talk with a fitness system professional, visit an Ohio Pools & Spas showroom in North Olmsted, North Canton or Mayfield Heights. For information about all types of pools and spas, see their website

Endless Pools

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