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All Aboard the Autumn Express: Experience Scenic Fall Train Rides in Ohio

Hues of green,, red and gold leaves encircle train as it proceeds on the tracks

Exploring rail travel of the past

Hues of green,, red and gold leaves encircle train as it proceeds on the tracks

Ohio’s landscape comes alive in a spectacular array of red, oranges, and gold during the fall months. And there is no finer way to enjoy the mosaic of colors canvassing the rolling hills and charming towns than aboard a scenic train ride.  

Rail travel has a rich history, and it continues to charm with nostalgia and the ambiance of yesteryear, delighting passengers of all ages. Throughout the year, the trains offer an opportunity to see life beyond the highways and busy streets. However, fall foliage makes an already exciting experience that much more memorable. 

Wherever you are in the state, you are not far from a scenic railroad excursion.

The journey is about to begin. The promise of adventure is in the air.

You step onto the platform. The train is ominous in size yet exciting as it gleams in the sunlight. The doors open, inviting you to climb aboard. 

Once you find your seat and settle in, take a moment to look around and absorb the ambiance of a bygone era. From the fabrics to the decor, you slip back to when rail travel was a common method of transportation. It was refined with an air of prestige. 

With each clickety-clack of the wheels, the train moves out of the station slowly and steadily, and the locomotive gains speed. Your eyes divert to the window as the fall’s mosaic colors the countryside. 

The rhythmic motion of the cars becomes a soothing backdrop to the journey unfolding before your eyes, and sunlight quickly filters through the trees. River beds glisten in the sunlight, and shade dapples the forest floors. Bridges, tunnels, and hillsides all come to life in a world left untouched by modern society. 

Discover rail travel near you

Train travel is not the means of transportation it used to be, but we are fortunate to have many rail lines across the state. Scenic trips are available throughout the year. But if you are lucky enough to ride on one during the fall peak of colors, you will be left with vivid memories. A painting of rural America that few get to experience will last long after you step off the train.

If you live in Northeast Ohio, The Cuyahoga Valley Railroad offers a variety of excursions all year long. Check out their website for up-to-the-minute schedules and events.  

In Warren County, The Lebanon Mason and Monroe Railroad offers fun and excitement for all ages. Dress in your finest attire for the Princess Express, or gather some friends and join the fall special Cider Beer Train or the Pumpkin Patch Express festivities. 

Hocking Valley Scenic Railway offers a variety of experiences. Enjoy a 1920 coal-fired steam locomotive or try one of the themed rides, such as the Halloween Train or Santa Train. For a complete listing of their trips, visit their website for information. 

Zanesville & Western Scenic Railroad, known as the Mt Perry Scenic Train, this ride offers enclosed cars and open-air gondola rides and runs through Southeastern Ohio. The trip showcases the area’s natural beauty while hosting various theme rides. 

Ohio is fortunate to have this living part of history available for our enjoyment. Take some time this fall to escape the busyness of life and embark on an excursion through history, nostalgia, and fun with events and escapes designed with you in mind. 

For more information on fall happenings around the state, visit the Compass Ohio Events page.

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