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Exploring Underwater Wonders: A Memorable Day At The Greater Cleveland Aquarium

Imagine a morning filled with anticipation and excitement as my grandchildren, daughter, and I embarked on an unforgettable adventure to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium. Nestled in the historic brick FirstEnergy Powerhouse in Cleveland, Ohio, this aquatic wonderland offered to take us to a fascinating underwater realm.

As we entered the aquarium, the vibrant marine-themed décor immediately set the tone for our adventure. The smiles on my grandchildren’s faces were priceless, a mix of curiosity and wonder that filled my heart with happiness. When we entered the exhibits, it was as if we were stepping into a world where fish dance, jellyfish glow, and seahorses sway with the current.

Our journey began with the observation of various turtle species, lizards, and even a snake. This was followed by tanks abundant with diverse fish varieties, spanning both freshwater and saltwater types, giving us the ultimate underwater experience of both worlds. Of course, they always love to see Dory and Nemo (from the movie, Finding Nemo).

The excitement set in when they realized there was a stingray touch tank. Three different species of stingrays inhabit this 11,000-gallon touch pool. They each quickly climbed the step stool to place their first two fingers in the water, as instructed and waited in anticipation of feeling the backs of a stingray.

Another touch tank was available where again, two fingers could be placed in the water to allow shrimp to come to you. As my fingers rested on a rock, a shrimp approached and climbed around my hand, leaving a tickling sensation. My oldest grandchild wasn’t sure about the shrimp doing the same to him, which made us giggle.

Their favorite part of the aquarium was the sharks. What child doesn’t look forward to seeing these amazing creatures up close? We walked through a 175-foot-long “sea tube” that made us feel like we were walking on the ocean floor. In the 230,000-gallon tank above you, you can spot a barracuda, a pufferfish, and three different shark species.

It was a fantastic experience, and I enjoyed watching my grandchildren take in a world we don’t see daily. If you are ever in the Cleveland area or need something to do during the cooler days that are almost upon us, I recommend putting the Greater Cleveland Aquarium on your itinerary. It took us about an hour and a half to go through the exhibits, but you can take as much or as little time as you like.

For more information on times, pricing, and events, visit their website, Be sure to follow their Facebook as well.

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