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Reliving Autumn Adventures of Time Spent in Ohio’s Parks

Reliving Autumn Memories of time spent in our parks as woman tosses leaves i the air in jubilation.

A life spent in nature is a life well spent.

As the final days of fall slowly unfold, I can’t help but savor the grand finale of autumn. So many years and so many times, my autumn adventures in Ohio parks have led me to trails and valleys where I stood in awe of the majesty and grandeur of our vast national and metro park system. 

The leaves, ablaze in vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows, have transformed my hikes and drives into a visual feast. It’s as if nature is bidding a fond farewell, painting a breathtaking canvas of autumn’s farewell performance.

Well-worn boots on fall’s familiar park trails

Every step on these trails has become a cherished memory. Many times, my feet were joined by my children as we hiked the parks each fall. Summit Metro Parks had my kids straddling streams, wandering the well-trodden paths, or stumbling upon hidden gems. Each trail offered its unique charm.

The rustling of the leaves beneath our boots and the smell of the earth intertwine with the sounds of birds, children’s laughter, and the wind in the trees. All are uniting in a symphony for the ears. 

Today, I find myself lingering a little longer, trying to capture the essence of each trail and the memory it holds before winter’s embrace returns.

From historical towpaths to the river’s edge in Ohio’s Parks

Some days, we trade our hiking sticks for bikes and soak in the season’s beauty along the towpath trail. As the vibrant foliage rushes past us, we relish in a sense of freedom and exhilaration. Memories of rides to Cherry Street Creamery in Canal Fulton still linger on my tongue. 

On other days, our autumn adventures would take us to tranquil lakes and rivers in the parks. One leisurely Sunday afternoon at the Rocky River Reservation, I watch my youngest eagerly practice casting with her new fly fishing pole. While their sister searches for the perfect flat stones to skip across the calm water. We find solace in the stillness of our surroundings, allowing us to connect on a deeper level. 

Throughout it all, my camera has been a constant companion, capturing the fading glory of autumn landscapes, the graceful dance of wildlife, and the vivid colors of the trees. I am trying so hard to grasp the unparalleled beauty of our Ohio parks. While also enjoying the sheer joy in my child’s eyes as they become a part of the landscape. Each photograph is a farewell memory, a reminder that life is moving on.

These remaining days of fall remind me of the fleeting moments in this season of life and the importance of embracing it while it lasts. Fall’s farewell is bittersweet. But our autumn adventures in Ohio parks leave behind a treasure trove of memories till we meet again. 

Ohio Parks autumn trails as a young girl and an woman walk through a bed of fallen leaves.

We are blessed in Ohio to be home to many sensational parks. This fall, explore the beauty and wonder that lies just beyond the pavement. Your soul will thank you.

If you aren’t ready to head inside and hibernate till spring, check out our blog on winter camping and enjoy nature all year long.

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