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Visit a Winery Near You Today and Feel Your Cares Drift Away

the back of a woman at a winery holding up two glasses of wine in celebration.

Visiting wineries on a perfect fall afternoon

From the back, a young woman walking through a vineyard with a glass of red wine in each hand, which is raised up level to her head.

Come spend an afternoon with me at Nauti Vine Winery and enjoy the kaleidoscope of fall colors and a gentle breeze to carry your worries away.

From their ancient past to modern-day methods, wineries have been a place of respite. An opportunity to savor the flavors of the past mingled with the stories of the day and hopes for tomorrow.

Today, I am embarking on a visit to an area winery, Nauti Vine Winery, nestled on the Portage Lakes in Summit County.

Why I love wineries

As I pulled into the winery parking lot, I could feel the weight lifting off my shoulders. The atmosphere was warm and inviting. Despite looming rain clouds, intermittent sunshine graced our afternoon excursion.

Today’s agenda was a heartwarming time with my nieces to reconnect over family tales and share laughter.

Nauti Vine Winery boasts a varied drink menu. They offer classic wines brewed onsite, hard cider, a handful of beer choices, and wine-infused cocktails. I can dive into the specifics of the delightful Benessere (Riesling) I tasted or our shared love for their pizzas, but that wasn’t our primary attraction. Nor the reason we will return.

With its 300+ wineries as of 2021, Ohio is no stranger to acclaimed wines and wineries.

Our pull to Nauti Vine today was its picturesque lakeside location and generous outdoor seating. My reason for returning lies in its idyllic interior and exterior setting, combined with the hospitable and knowledgeable crew. The staff took the time to introduce us to their wine and food offerings and answered our numerous questions. And while I relish a good wine, it is the experience that often leaves an indelible mark on my memory.

An Ohio winery is a sanctuary in such times. Here, clocks seem to halt, and genuine conversations flow while distractions of mobile phones fade and worries disappear.

Our time seemed to pass quickly, leaving us grasping for more time together. The views, wine, and company combine for a perfect fall afternoon.

Discover wineries near you

Whether you fancy a wine flight, a bottle, or a mere tasting session, Ohio’s wineries are a haven from daily pressures. Find your sanctuary today by visiting Find Ohio Wines and let the world’s stresses drift away.

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What wineries do you enjoy? We love to hear about the positive experiences our readers have around the region. 

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