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Enjoy the Summer Sun in Kent, Ohio

A couple is enjoying picking out fresh produce at Kent Ohio Farmers Market

Kent, Ohio, known for its university, offers more than academics. You can bask in the sun while doing many different activities. These include perusing local goods, exploring local nature, or dining at one of Kent’s restaurants while enjoying the outdoors. Kent’s has the perfect summer opportunities to add variety to your outside time.

Local Goods at Haymaker’s Farmer’s Market

This market features homemade and locally grown goods from businesses all over northeast Ohio. It is located between Main Street and Summit Street, under Haymaker Parkway, where it takes its name. It runs from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Saturday morning. Schedule details and parking information are available here.

This market is not just for finding ingredients for your next salad. Haymaker’s Farmer’s Market has vendors selling everything from artisanal soaps to sweet treats. From 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., enjoy musical stylings of various local performances while shopping. SNAP or WIC benefit users can stop the main tent to double their money through their program. 

Explore the Outdoors at Franklin Mills Riveredge Park

Kent, Ohio, has nearly 20 parks connected to a more extensive network. Here in Kent, we are partial to one. In the heart of downtown, one of the city’s gems exists, Franklin Mills Riveredge Park. While the park may be small, it is mighty and has beautiful outdoor views. There is a trail to walk alongside the Cuyahoga River. You can take in the sights and sounds of nature, have a picnic, and even fish. Platforms were built for sitting, taking breaks, and looking over the river.

I’ve spent summer days reading books while sitting on the trail built-in benches myself. This is conveniently located next to Franklin Avenue, where you can take advantage of Kent’s DORA offerings.

Enjoy Outdoor Drinking and Dining with DORA

A city plaza of people enjoying drinks and dining  in a Dora area of Kent Ohio

Every summer, the city of Kent blocks off a portion of Franklin Avenue (between West Main and West Erie Street). This road is used for outdoor tables for patrons from local restaurants and bars. This street then becomes a Dora (designated outdoor refreshment area.) With many dining establishments lining the block, it is perfect for those wanting to enjoy the summer evening ambiance.

The policy was established during the pandemic to bring more business to local establishments. However, it has stuck around due to its popularity among dinner and nightlife crowds. Go ahead and grab a Long Island from Ray’slace and take it with you to eat a particular off of the Taco Tantos menu. Kent’s Dora is waiting for you to discover its possibilities.

The inviting nature of Kent’s Community comes through during the summer months. Locals and visitors alike have more space to move about the town and enjoy time in the sun. Whether you’re shopping for vegetables or enjoying some dinner and drinks, Kent is here to welcome you.

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