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Romance and Fun Await You On Board the Nautica Queen Dinner Cruise

Looking for something unique and relaxing to do for a summer evening? Hop aboard the Nautica Queen docked along the West bank of the Flats in Cleveland.

This summer, my husband and I were fortunate to spend a lovely romantic evening on board the Nautica Queen while sightseeing along the shores of Lake Erie.

The three-hour cruise includes an unlimited buffet, coffee and tea, and musical entertainment.  Passengers may purchase alcoholic beverages while on board.

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Upon arriving, we were delighted to see a jubilant crowd waiting to board. Everyone was friendly and looking forward to a memorable evening.

Although we had a private table, the atmosphere was inviting, and you were able to walk around inside the ship and stroll up to the upper deck, where seating was casual, and conversations were engaging. The breeze was gentle, and the air was warm as we set sail.

As the sun began to set over Lake Erie, the captain navigated seamlessly from the mouth of the Cuyahoga River onto the lake. To our left was Whiskey Island and Edgewater Park, and as we turned right, the city skyline became bathed in the amber glow from the setting sun. It wasn’t long before the stars began to come out, as voices on the upper deck turned soft.

But downstairs, the party was going strong. The DJ was spinning tunes that had all ages dancing.

The most memorable moment came when the DJ introduced a couple on board who were celebrating their 39th wedding anniversary. The soul-stirring sound of Luther VanDross began singing, “Always and forever, each moment with you….” It didn’t take long before everyone on board sang along as the couple danced while softly singing to each other as though no one else was on board.

Moments like this can’t be orchestrated. They only happen when the stars align, and the stars that night were the meticulous staff on the Nautica Queen, the joyous nature of the guests on board, and the romantic nature of the DJ. This evening resulted from a continuous effort to create a memorable experience for everyone who boards the Queen.

Later this summer, The Nautica Queen will surrender her crew to the newest member of the family, Lady Caroline. The new ship is updated with modern amenities, has numerous levels, and is significantly larger. Visit The Nautica Queen website for the latest information on the date of her first voyage.

The Nautica Queen may be aging, but the memories she has created and the lives celebrated on this ship will live on as we prepare to usher in a new era aboard Lady Caroline.

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