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Run To You Racing: Inspiring People Nationwide to Get Out and Run/Walk

One of my greatest achievements was completing a 5k. As I saw my friends sharing their race experiences on social media, I couldn’t help but feel a strong desire to join them and be a part of that exhilarating atmosphere.

Luckily, I stumbled upon the perfect opportunity: The Turkey Trot, which was not only on Thanksgiving but also on my birthday. It felt like the ideal race to celebrate both occasions. I convinced a few friends to join me in this endeavor, turning it into a memorable birthday celebration.

Even today, I take immense pride in accomplishing that goal and crossing the finish line at a respectable time. Although I haven’t participated in any races since then, the passion still simmers within me, and I’m determined to engage in more 5K races in the future.

During my search for future running events, I discovered Run to You Racing, an event management company that organizes theme-based Run/Walk events throughout Northeast Ohio. Each event they produce is unique, featuring distinctive presentations, runner premiums, and designated beneficiaries.

Since its establishment in 2006, its mission has been to inspire people nationwide to get out and run/walk. Run To You Racing has gained a national following and draws runners from all 50 States and sometimes even various countries.

One of their standout events is the CAK5K on the Runway at the Canton Akron Airport (CAK). One of the runways is temporarily closed for the race while the remaining ones are open. This event takes place on August 6, 2023. 

Other notable races are the Haunted Forest Marathon, the I’ll Make Them Pay 5K, and the Canton Hall of Fame Marathon. These are just a few of the events for this year. Be sure to check the schedule for upcoming races.

A sneak peek into 2024?

Don’t miss  Run To You Racing’s exciting new event in 2024, known as the Pro Football Hall of Fame Race Series. The series will spotlight 32 NFL cities allowing you to join in person at Canton, Ohio, or participate as a “virtual runner” in your hometown. The series will be a thrilling weekend in August at the prestigious Pro Football Hall of Fame. Keep your eyes peeled for this exciting race series!

For more information on the rest of the 2023 races, results, Canton Runs, and community, visit Be sure to follow their Facebook page as well.

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