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Treehouses: Experience an Adventure in Enchantment and Serenity

An outside view looking up at a Treehouses amond the trees.

The Treehouses at Owls Hollow

Treehouses capture the imagination of young and old as we long for adventure and a return to nature. But what was once reserved for our youth is now a place to live out that adventure or, at the very least, enjoy a unique and intimate connection to nature while dreaming of adventure. 

A magical night spent in a treehouse

At first glance, I almost miss eyeing my retreat for the night. Before me, a winding staircase stretches above, drawing my attention to my temporary treetop abode for the night. There before me, standing in a grove of walnut trees, is The Royal Roost Treehouse at Owl Hollow. 

Against the blue sky, tree branches creak in the light autumn breeze. I ascend the steps, anxious to discover more closely the modern yet woodland treehouse beckoning my visit. 

From my first step on the decking, I am in awe of my surroundings. From my position above the ground, my view is breathtaking. In one direction, there is an open meadow, and looking the other way, there is a dense grove of trees with rays of sun peeking through the canopy.

Although the treehouse is secluded from the bustle of life, life here is complete and lovely. Furthermore, the grounds teem with wildlife; birds chirp, squirrels scurry across limbs, and I even spot a doe peeking from behind a tree trunk. Here, I discover a serenity and solitude rarely found in today’s typical lodging.

Once inside, the treehouse is cozy and rustic yet luxurious. Every amenity I could need has been considered, including wifi, AC, and heating. Above me, I see a loft with a queen bed and a bunk, and adorning the cedar-cased windows are intricate carvings that resemble tree branches. 

Bedroom view from inside treehouses showing rustic charm of window details depicting branches of a tree.

As night falls, the serenade of crickets interrupted only by the occasional hoot owl lulls me fast asleep. 

When morning comes, sunlight peaks through the trees as I lay in bed listening to the trickle of the creek below. Bluejays, cardinals, and woodpeckers serenade me with “Good morning.”

The adventure doesn’t stop at the treehouses

An inherent sense of adventure comes with staying at Royal Roost Treehouse. Come for the peace and quiet or explore the beautifully rugged Monroe County. 

Royal Roost Treehouse is located in the foothills of the Appalachians in Monroe County. Blessed with natural beauty, you will want to hike the recess caves of Piatt Park and search for waterfalls.

Begin your journey at Raven Rock and walk in the shadows of Native Americans. Historically, the area was used for ceremonial purposes dating back to 760 AD. The adventure extends to the Monroe Lake Wildlife area, which covers over 1300 acres and promises excitement for hunting and fishing enthusiasts.

Waterfalls near treehouses in Monroe County

Explore the backroads of Appalachia and experience a life we only dream of. To learn more about these charming getaways, visit The Treehouses at Owls Hollow. 

Read Find an Autumn Escape on the Appalachian Byway for more information on Monroe County’s offerings.

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