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Feel Like a Kid Again

Are you looking to get into the bicycle world? If you are, keep reading. If you are not, keep reading because this may change your mind. Getting on a bicycle and cruising down the trail does not only make you feel like a kid again, it brings to mind an endless world of possibilities for bike riding. You might ask, “Why get into this hobby/sport?” There are several reasons, but here are just a few.

Health — Bicycling is easier on your body overall than running. I am 34 years old with a college football background. My knees for sure do not appreciate the jogging of several miles a day, but the smooth pedaling of bicycling still gets a good sweat going with my heart rate up.

Community — If you are just getting into bike riding, you are not alone. There are extremely nice bike shops in the area to consider. You can get a bike at a big box store for less money, but you will be sacrificing two very important values. First, the satisfaction that comes from buying from a smaller shop. This is their livelihood, and they are going to only sell what is good quality and going to last for the consumer. They will help along the way and stand behind their product.

They are a friendly face who wants to help you get on the trail and stay on the trail. Second is the quality of the item you are getting. Yes, you can spend less money at a big box store, but within a few years, you will be giving up on bicycling because the bike broke and needs repairs. It would be easier to purchase a good, quality bike that is sized for you and fitted to the style of riding you want to do.

Generational — I have been riding a bike since I was a kid, when my parents had to fish me out of a briar bush after ramping the neighbor’s driveway. Some lessons are harder than others. Now that I am married with children and have friends with children, this is a sport that can be not only passed down to the next generation, it is an activity to be enjoyed by all with the ones we love the most. I remember riding bikes with my grandparents when I was younger and now that I am getting older, I look forward to doing the same with my grandchildren one day.

As you look forward to summer, consider bicycling for good exercise, community time and family time. Check out a local dealer for your bicycle needs. They will be honest, upfront and fit you into the style and type of bike you need. Lastly, be safe out there. It is encouraged to use trails as much as possible, but if you are going to ride on roads, obey the laws. Ride your bicycle with traffic and have a flashing tail light to let drivers know you are out there with them. Be safe and have fun on a bike adventure this summer.

Feel Like a Kid Again

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