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When General RV’s founder, Abe Baidas, started camping with his family over 60 years ago, the concept of RVing instead of sleeping in a tent was in its infancy. Though it had many of the same charms as modern RVing–such as adventure, freedom, affordability– it appealed to a smaller group of people. The conveniences and options were fewer and the challenges greater; you needed a true taste for adventure to get behind the wheel. It was satisfying this group’s thirst for adventure that Abe had in mind when he founded General RV back in 1962.

Today, many people still think of RVing as a niche lifestyle, but in reality traveling in an RV is a great match for many different lifestyles. The lifestyle has evolved far beyond what it’s commonly associated with. While some of the stereotypes are based in reality (yes, retired couples love traveling in motorhomes), what many people don’t understand is the diversity and accessibility that exist within the ever-broadening world of RVs and RVers.

First, let’s consider who is an RVer. You might wonder who would want to buy an RV other than someone who camps. While it’s true that RVs are a great way to experience nature–from the mountains of Southeast Ohio to Lake Erie or Cedar Falls–there are other uses that might surprise you. From tailgaters and racers to glampers and soccer parents, the RV industry has expanded far beyond the traditional retirees and campers of the past. At General RV we work to understand the diverse lifestyle of our customer and use our experience to match them with an RV that fits their needs today and into the future.

RVers are getting younger, with today’s average buyer being 44 years old. Many couples are beginning to RV in their early 30s, as entry level travel trailers have become more affordable and now offer more high-end features. Families are purchasing RVs to turn their kid’s Saturday sporting events into a weekend away; weekend thrill seekers are transporting their quads and dirt bikes in toy haulers; full-timers are living in RVs year round; families are traveling the country and home-schooling their kids on the road; and the eco-conscious are going solar and living off the grid. These may be small groups of RVers, but they exemplify the growing appeal of the RV lifestyle for those who want to travel with the conveniences of home with them at all times.

What does this mean for the RVers and potential RVers of Ohio? It means your next tailgate at a Browns or Indians game could happen with the comforts and class of a motorhome with a stocked kitchen and a clean bathroom. It means your next family trip to Hocking Hills or Lake Erie Islands could happen in a spacious fifth wheel instead of a rented cottage. It means you could stay in an RV instead of a hotel for your daughter’s next basketball tournament. And that’s just the beginning; what it really means is there’s a great way to travel that you may never have considered.

And now, on to the RVs. To say there’s an RV for everyone is an exaggeration, but not by much. With payments of $99 to $1,000 per month, nearly anyone with enough disposable income for travel can find an RV that fits their budget. Pop-ups and fold-downs start as low as $5,999 and you can tow them with almost anything–even a small SUV or van. For those with a larger budget, you can get all the amenities of a high-end luxury home in a $200,000 diesel motorhome. At General RV we carry both of those options and many more, with over 300 RVs on our lot. Our experts can guide you through the full scope of products available to help you find the RV that best fits your needs. With a growing list of features such as outdoor kitchens, self-leveling jacks, multiple bathrooms, king-size beds, expanded storage bins, and residential appliances (including washers and dryers), it takes more and more inventory to showcase the best the industry has to offer.

Despite the decades of evolution that ushered the RV industry into the 21st century, the allure of the RV lifestyle has changed little in years since Abe’s first family camping trip. He would recognize the same spirit in today’s RVers that captivated him 60 years ago: a love for the outdoors, a taste for adventure, a passion for the road, and a desire to spend time with family and friends. The RVs have improved and their appeal has grown dramatically, but the lifestyle is one of a kind for the same reasons it always has been.

General RV

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