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Get Out Pass Ohio

GetOutPass: The Ultimate Fun Pass for You and Your Family

Greetings from Provo, Utah! Two great minds came together and created something that will be an exciting experience for friends and families all over the Midwest. Having lived in Cincinnati for most my life, I am more than happy to witness this awesome and innovative fun pass coming to all corners of Ohio. Put down your Chili Cheese Coney for just a moment and embrace the service that will change your life forever.

The service is called the GetOutPass, and if I may say so myself, it’s pretty rad. The whole idea revolves around getting people out of the house so they can enjoy the world around them. We’ve seen far too many people watch some very well-known shows dozens of times, and our goal is to encourage everyone to get up off the couch to do some fun activities.

We understand that it’s difficult to convince yourself to try a random activity at a high cost of entry. That’s why the pass provides a wide range of different venues for members to try–for free! This can include (and is not limited to) amusement parks, go-kart arenas, fun centers, arcades, bowling, mini golf, ax throwing, escape rooms, sports games, and so on. The freedom to try one of these places without the stress of burning money into something you may not enjoy is incredible. All venues on the pass you purchase are provided to you to try as you please.

The most central point of the pass is to help everyone discover unique talents, skills, and hobbies that they never knew they had. We believe that beneath all of us are hidden things that we don’t know about ourselves. We want to try and help each person discover themselves through all sorts of different activities provided on the fun pass. Are you a roller coaster junkie and never knew it? Do you have a deep passion for rock climbing that you haven’t yet witnessed? Are you the future “fastest lap” record holder at a go-kart arena? Are you crazy good at mini golf and you don’t even know it? All of these questions can be answered through the GetOutPass. We don’t want to have anyone feel that they have any songs unsung.

In an interview with member Ashley of Orem, Utah, she told me, “The GetOutPass has been wonderful for my family. I have five kids, and it’s quite difficult to entertain them at all times of the day in the house. There’s been times where I’ve seen them sit on the couch with the TV on for an entire day. The GetOutPass has helped us get out of the house and try all sorts of different things. We’ve had a blast as parents, watching our kids try new things like rock climbing or an escape room. They’ve had the chance to engage in activities they didn’t even know existed, and it’s fun to see as a parent. I get to watch them learn and grow and be active. My husband and I have had fun with it, too! It’s been super fun for our whole family. It’s certainly something I would recommend to anyone who wants to try something new.”

The GetOutPass was created with families and friends in mind. The owners of the pass know how tough it is for people to try new activities in their area because of the expensive entry fee. They wanted to create something that would give families the opportunity to try these places for free. What was once a small service in Utah has now become the nation’s most exciting and innovative fun pass on the market. Their dream has become a reality for tens of thousands of families everywhere.

If you’re someone who likes to get out and try new things, the GetOutPass is for you! Do not hesitate to give the pass a try. Be ready for a year of creating memories while have a blast discovering new things about yourself.

Get Out Pass Ohio

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