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Ghoul Runnings

Occasionally we hear of bizarre pairings that demand explanation. Que up Ghoul Runnings Kayak Adventures. This kayak livery offers guided and self-guided tours down the scenic Sandusky River and beautiful Fremont Reservoir, but now back to the unusual name.

Owners Beth Turner and her husband Bob have been running a Haunted Attraction each fall for the past 33 years known as the “Haunted Hydro.” The “Hydro” is a 1910 Hydro Electric Power plant located on the Sandusky River that was fully operational until the mid-1940’s.

The Turners’ love for Halloween inspired them to open the Haunted Hydro and now their love for the outdoors and kayaking gave them a new idea to start a kayaking business, playing off the success of their Haunted Attraction, and Ghoul Runnings Kayak Adventures was born.

Opening in May of each year, Ghoul Runnings offers guided and self-guided tours including safety and training classes.

They offer a variety of 2-hour, 4-hour, and specialty adventures which include a history tour, singles kayaking group, bird and nature, sunset, and for those that are brave enough, they offer a themed Full-Moon paddle that is repeated each lunar cycle with a different villain or creature waiting to frighten yet entertain the adventurous kayaker.

From Jason to Zombies, you never know what might be lurking riverside!

Online event tickets and onsite sales are available through and at their business location, the “Yak-Shack,” located at the Fremont Reservoir across the road from their “A-Frame” rental location at 1773 S. River Rd., Fremont, Ohio. Adventures start in May and run into September, weather permitting.

Ghoul Runnings

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