Gift Ideas for Runners

This year might have been full of surprises, but one thing you can always count on is the holidays. Around the same time every year we can expect the red and green decorations, the holiday music, and–of course–the shopping. Getting something special for everyone on your list is tough, but we just made it easy to shop for your favorite runner.

Check out this list to see what we picked in 2020 as the top gifts for the runner in your life.

R8 roller

If you’re not familiar with an R8, you might be missing out on your new favorite tool. R8 rollers make it easy to roll out tight and sore muscles. Because it uses a spring configuration, it takes minimal effort to get a deep tissue massage. This reduces soreness and promotes recovery.

Neck gaiter

They’re not just for COVID-19. These might be in fashion for other reasons, but they’re also great at protecting from the elements. A fleece neck gaiter provides warmth and blocks that biting winter wind.

A vest

Ohio weather can be unpredictable, making it tough to know how to best dress for the temperature. A vest is a great way to keep you warm but also prevent overheating. Because it keeps your torso warm, it holds the heat in the most important places while allowing your limbs to breathe. Plus, they’re stylish.

Running shorts and tanks

While it might seem counterintuitive to gift someone with shorts and tank tops in the middle of winter, think again. Because the most sought-after apparel items will be winter ones, the summer ones will go on sale. You can get more bang for your buck and provide a loved one with outfits for the days they hit the treadmill.

Strava Premium

If you’re a runner, you probably use Strava to track your miles. If you don’t, we definitely recommend checking it out for an easy way to keep track of your training. Unfortunately, some of the more advanced features must be paid for as a subscription. Buy a yearly subscription for your favorite runner so they can stay on top of their training.

A shoe drier

After spending a run trudging through the snow and slush, your shoes are probably soaked through. There’s nothing worse than grabbing them the next day and realizing they’re still wet before heading out into the cold. Help your favorite runner avoid frozen toes and gift them a shoe drier so their shoes are always dry and ready to go.

Reflective running gear and lights

With short days and long nights, it can be tough to find the daylight to get a run in around a busy work schedule. Keep the runner in your life safe by giving them some reflective running gear and running lights. This ensures they don’t miss a run because of lack of daylight, and they’re visible to passing cars.

Garmin 245/645 Music

Running with music or a podcast is a great way to help a run speed along. With the size of cellphones now, carrying them can be annoying and difficult.

Give the gift of music this holiday season and provide your favorite runner either the Garmin 245 music or 645 music, allowing them to listen to their favorite songs without lugging around their cellphone.

Feetures merino wool socks

Feetures are our favorite socks for everyday running, and the merino wool option takes your winter run to the next level. With a no-slip design, targeted compression, and a cozy wool blend, these socks insulate when wet and keep your feet toasty warm.

Still not sure what to get? Make it easy and get a gift card. They can then select from an endless array of products, choosing their own favorites, Happy Holidays

Gift Ideas for Runners

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