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The Great Lakes Medieval Faire

Hear ye, hear ye! Come hither all ye Majesties, Knights, Lords and Ladies. Get ready for another exciting year at The Great Lakes Medieval Faire for 2019. For you swashbucklers who haven’t heard of the Faire, you’re in for a grand adventure. Simply put, it’s a festival, or “faire” commemorating a different era of time each Saturday and Sunday for six consecutive weekends while staff members dress appropriately for each weekend.

Imagine giving your tickets to the creative and beautifully dressed ticket holders at the gate and being told “Thank you, my Lord” and “Thank you, my Lady” as you enter. You may dress casual in a shirt and jeans or don an outfit. Many unfettered long-time guests find it hard to resist adorning the most imaginative outfits.

Their creative minds marvel the spirit of the Halloween season without the scare factor. Many consider this the opportunity to escape and find their child-at-heart. Once you come for the first time, don’t be surprised to find yourself wondering what you’ll be dressed as the following year.

Visit the website and decide which themed weekend speaks to your inner child. During the Pirate weekend, staff and guests will dress as their favorite pirate character. During the Celtic weekend, talented groups will play the bagpipes on the stage at various scheduled times.

As you skim through the assortment of shows that play each weekend, pick the show and time that best suits your needs and come early. The Time Travel weekend offers a broader range to dress up as your favorite character regardless of the time period. During the World, Music, Food and Jubilee weekend, there will be an opportunity to indulge in worldly music, dance and culinary food delights.

When it’s time to satiate your taste buds, an outside food court and large pavilion await guests. There is an abundance of food choices offered for everyone. Fried foods, smoothies and salads are superb options, while many with a daring appetite will feast on the famous turkey leg. Snack on glazed almonds and pecans, and keep yourself hydrated with your own ceramic “Medieval Faire” mug.

The Faire sells different styles and sizes of mugs, including an annual original style with a label signifying the current year. Stroll through the Artisan and Craft Market, which is one of Ohio’s largest open-air markets, which sells jewelry, fragrances, leather goods, costumes, clothes, boots, swords and much more.

The 27th Great Lakes Medieval Faire is a royal treat for teens, adults and families with kids. Ticket prices are $22 for adults ages 13 and up and children ages 5-12 are $6. Season passes are available.

Discounts are available if tickets are purchased during the week on the website The Faire is open Saturdays and Sundays, July 13 through August 18, 11 am – 7 pm, rain or shine, at 3033 State Route 534, Rock Creek, Ohio.

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