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Holidays in Walnut Creek

How Will You Celebrate In 2020?

This year has been unforgettable, but not in the wonderful way Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole sang about in their popular song. There are many words to describe this year and most of them would not describe “Happy Holidays”.

When you think back over 2020, words like scary, confusing, depressing, stressful, and worrisome come to mind. The months since March have been all of these and more. Suddenly, we are expected to be happy and joyful and celebrate the holiday season. Decorations appearing around town remind you that it’s time to shift gears. Change your mindset. Be joyful. Christmas is coming!

As this article goes to press, COVID is still staring us down. We’re wearing masks all the time and everywhere, except to sleep. Social distancing is a phrase we read or hear almost daily, but despite the clutches of COVID, the beauty of summer and the unfolding of autumn remind us certain things will always remain the same and those are the things we can, and must, celebrate this year.

Life still offers us the ability to give and receive love. Comfort and joy are still found in our relationships with friends and family, and faith will help us find the true meaning of Christmas.

The inspiring beauty of the Christmas season can be found in all sorts of places and celebrated in many ways. It has not been lost in the pandemic.

Since March, we’ve all spent a lot of time isolated in our homes. Now is the perfect time to gift yourself with a visit to Amish Country. Get out of your routine, out of your house, and out of your head for just a little while.

Try an overnight stay at the Carlisle Inn in Walnut Creek or Sugarcreek, Ohio. There’s delicious food at the restaurant next door and the Ohio Star Theater just might be open again, offering great entertainment. Come alone or bring someone. It’s time to get out and look for the wonderful things that are still part of Christmas.

Carlisle Inns are beautifully decorated for the Christmas season. The open spaces at Carlisle Inns mean you aren’t going to be sitting in your hotel room. You can bring a book, grab a complimentary cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and some cookies and sink into a couch or comfy chair by the fireplace. Or maybe you’ll feel better getting in a good workout in the exercise room, soaking in the hot tub, and enjoying a massage in your guest room. You can do it all, or do nothing.

Don’t worry about the weather during your visit. You don’t need to move your car to shop or enjoy a delicious meal, hot coffee and pastries. Everything is easily walkable from the inns and in Sugarcreek, the on-campus Ohio Star Theater is an added attraction.

If things continue to improve, the Ohio Star Theater will be open for the holidays and the Christmas show lineup will include the musical The GȔT Life! Christmas with the Yoders and Nick. Simon and Eliza Yoder never expected the special guest in a red suit that showed up at their front door on Christmas Eve. This new Yuletide comedy will both entertain and inspire you. It’s scheduled to run November 13 to December 23, 2020.

If you prefer a concert to celebrate the holidays, the Christmas concert lineup at Ohio Star Theater includes: November 6 – Phil Keaggy; November 7 – Guy Penrod; November 20 – The Booth Brothers; November 24 – Dailey & Vincent; December 3 – Collingsworth Family; and December 4 – Steve Green.

Come alone and enjoy some me-time or come with others. Make the decision to leave the house. Sometimes getting out of your regular routine is just what the doctor ordered and this year, getting out of your house is definitely time well spent. You’ll find Carlisle Inns in Sugarcreek and Walnut Creek, Ohio, and if you need more sunshine, there’s a beautiful Carlisle Inn in Sarasota, Florida.

For reservations at any of the Carlisle Inns, go to or call 855-411-2275 for the Ohio Carlisle Inns or 844-369-2275 for Carlisle Inn Sarasota.

Tickets to Ohio Star Theater are available online at or by calling their box office at 855-344-7547. Note: When buying tickets online, be sure to buy your tickets only through the official Ohio Star Theater website. Third-party ticket agents sell the Ohio Star Theater tickets at prices much higher than the theater’s regular ticket prices.

Holidays in Walnut Creek

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