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How Did I Pivot in 2020?

The lesson I learned in 2020 is how to pivot. How did I pivot to create my most successful real estate year during a worldwide pandemic? In 2020, I had to figure out how to suddenly change my real estate business. The pivot was figuring out what resources were available that no one else was utilizing.

I used live stream video tours, live zoom, and I hired Ridge Properties, LLC to do a Matterport 3-D video which included floorplans and a self-guided 3-D tour through the home. I put together my “covid kit” in the first quarter of 2020. Booties, surgical gloves, masks, wipes, and hand sanitizer all in my anti-viral bag to protect all my clients. That was the first plan.

The next pivot was to not overlap showings in any of my listings. Having one family in a house at a time. I had to ask people to remain in their car until the prior showing finished. Pivoting with the mindset of being respectful. Not only to be respectful to sellers and buyers, but to the plan placed into action for every client’s individual needs.

Creating individual marketing plans based on all the comparatives that I pulled for every seller to make decisive decisions to price their property to sell. Creating a seller’s net sheet so they know their payoffs and the amount of money they will have in their pocket at closing. This is key in a market with multiple offers for each home due to a housing shortage. My sellers know how to negotiate based on the net sheet created before the sign goes in the yard.

My marketing and design background obtained when I worked with a private builder in new builds is knowledge that I give to every seller so they know how to market their home and make it attractive to every buyer. My promise to every seller is to get top dollar by highlighting the uniqueness of their home and helping them pivot starting at curb to porch to the interior to make their house the best it can possibly be. In doing so every buyer that drives down the street and chooses to walk through their door wants to because they are intrigued by the sellers marketing.

On the flip side, all of my buyers have been positioned to buy today. I have them pre-qualified immediately. They know their buying power. I help them get the home of their dreams because they know going into every home there will be multiple offers. I had to pivot to create a stronger buying scenario for each unique buyer to help them win the home of their dreams.

I absolutely love real estate and I love every client I work with. I am here every single day for you! All you need to do is pivot and make a choice to text or call 330.354.7014 to book a free appointment with me. I am with you all the way.

How Did I Pivot in 2020?

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