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Ice Skating Noble County

Ice Skating Along the Appalachian Byway of Ohio

Tucked away in the rolling hills of Appalachia in downtown Caldwell is a family ice skating rink, a great winter excursion. Just off Interstate 77 at exit 25 and SR78 to SR821, the Village of Caldwell rink is a great activity.

If you are not a great skater, there is plenty of seating for chaperones and for spectators on the picnic tables, swings and benches. Warming stations are also an option. On the synthetic rink, you can use regular hockey skates. If you don’t have your own, the rink also has skates available by donation.

The rink was the dream and brainchild of Caldwell Mayor Misty Wells. She wanted to encourage guests to visit her “Hallmark-esque” downtown and set out to secure funding for a family-style rink. It is the only synthetic ice-skating rink within 50 miles of Noble County.

Especially after the routine holiday weight gain, ice skating is a great winter wellness activity for families.  Research also shows that this low-impact exercise can be a great workout for the heart. It is also a great balance-building activity for children and adults.

If you are concerned about falls, the rink provides beginners with a balance bar option until you “get your feet under you.” But you can also consider helmets, knee pads or shin guards if you want to bring them along.

According to one synthetic ice rink company, ice skating can vary with the intensity of the workout and the person’s size, but Harvard Medical School estimates a 155-pound person can burn 210-311 calories in a half-hour of ice skating.

Skating is also a great group activity boosting your social impact and overall mental health with fresh air and fellowship with friends! Great opportunities for daytime or nighttime group photos or shots of friends fallen on the ice.

This unique outdoor rink provides music, fresh air and a unique atmosphere for a great old-fashioned family outing. Located at 215 West Street near downtown Caldwell, check the hours of operation and special events offered at Consider holding a birthday outing or other special celebration at the rink too. Come skate with us, sharpen your skills and glide into winter 2023!

Ice Skating Noble County

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