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Intelligent Fitness North Canton Ohio

I never understood why someone would continue with unhealthy habits, have a heart attack and THEN decide they would begin a workout regimen to become healthy. Or why they would wait until their knees were painful and debilitating, THEN have surgery or rehab. Or why someone ends up with unmanaged Type II diabetes and THEN decides to start eating better. Why do we always wait for the ax to fall before we take care of ourselves?

We all know that being preventative with our health is a better option but too many people still think in terms of caring for themselves after they have a problem. That thought process, and wanting to change it, is the reason why I went into personal training instead of clinical exercise physiology in the first place. I felt I could be more beneficial to my clients in preventing disease and injury in the personal training setting than I could in a clinical setting. So right out of college I took the leap and opened a personal training facility.

It’s been 20 years since I started my business and now it’s time to do more. I can do more for my family, more for other personal trainers who I feel are worthy to carry the name Intelligent Fitness, and especially more for our clients and anyone else who’s ready to begin thinking of how fantastic they want their life to be, not just how to “make it through” life.

It began last year with a thought in my head of having a fitness facility with a primary goal of exceptional health and wellness. I’ve made plans, scrapped them all, and learned about things I never intended to, like permits and security systems and codes. It’s been about hiring, firing, and hiring again – all to find the person who can wear the title of an Intelligent Fitness Team Member. There have been many highs and lows, missed deadlines and a huge roller coaster of emotions. This past year for my staff would have made most grown men cry, but they’ve hung in there because of the vision we all have. So let me give you a minds-eye tour of the NEW Intelligent Fitness opening this August.

When you walk in you see normal healthy trainers that don’t scare you, a founder’s wall of inspiration and an open, light and airy space. Below your feet is a beautiful gym floor that was handpicked for its energy restitution and force reduction along with 450 square feet of premiere speed and agility turf. Look left and you’ll see two one-on-one training areas that have everything you need to be trained by one of our educated and certified trainers on your own so you can work out where you are the only focus. There are two fully loaded small group training areas to give you the experience of personal training and the motivation of a group of friends all at a fraction of the cost of traditional personal training. There is an area that will provide classes for every age and ability level that will specialize in progressive strength and metabolic training. We have an amazing demo kitchen that feels just like home, which is run by our on-staff Registered Dietitian. Here you can join a small group, have a private flexibility session, take a fun, motivating class, take a meal prep workshop in our kitchen, finish up your workouts with a recovery smoothie, and be a part of a healthy community that will change your life. Other amenities include a conference room for business retreats and larger workshops, a retail area, private shower rooms and an outdoor area, all of which add to your experience.

But a great facility only tells a portion of the story. Great trainers who can bring great results tell the rest. Our trainers will not just take an assessment and walk you through a program. Because we don’t have just one cookie-cutter approach, we screen, assess, and place you in an activity level that is best for you. Then develop a program based on your goals, level of ability and how you like to work out. We also implement a heart rate monitoring system to be sure you work hard enough but not too hard, because we want you happy and feeling great, not exhausted and feeling sick, when you leave. You will be reassessed at least every quarter and we will guide you with what you need to do to have exceptional health and wellness.

Because we realize that not everyone is the same or has the same abilities, we have four specialty areas: Medical Fitness, Sports Training, General Fitness, and Nutritional Support. Our Medical Fitness trainers provide a comprehensive and complimentary approach to help our clients with medical concerns reach their maximum state of good health through exercise. We have experience training a variety of chronic and acute conditions so you can get back to the person you want to be. Our Sports Training program isn’t just for speed and agility but for long-term athletic development. We believe in involving the community and family in the athlete’s experience, and in giving back to the parents and coaches that work so hard to make them great.  This includes mental preparation, injury prevention and sports nutrition from our dietitian in our kitchen. We believe in the potential of all athletes and we’re here to help take them to the next level. We’re also here for those general fitness clients who know they need guidance to move to the next level in their health and fitness in a safe, controlled environment where injury and disease prevention is a cornerstone. Finally, with an in-house Registered Dietitian, our Nutritional Support services help guide anyone to a healthier way of eating that is right for you. Our nutritional support includes cooking demos, workshops, meal prepping, gardening and more with our Food First approach.

And if some things are too late to prevent, we will guide you to that life of exceptional health and wellness regardless of your starting point. We aren’t just a group of personal trainers, or a nutrition service, or a speed and agility facility. We bring it all together to build the community we need to make you the healthiest we can. We have so much to offer and want to change your life. So what are you waiting for? For information about our Grand Opening and introductory offers for new clients, check our website at

Intelligent Fitness North Canton Ohio

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