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By Doug Kish, MA

What’s more fun on hot summer days than swimming? More fun would be not piling everyone and everything into the car to go to the pool, and merely stepping outside your back door and into your own swimming pool. If you are planning ahead and thinking about investing in a swimming pool for your yard you should know about a new state-of-the-art water treatment system that is now available. All pools installed by Kings Precision Pools of Louisville, Ohio, are equipped with The HealthCare Water Purification System. This system produces sparkling, clear pool water with numerous advantages over chemically-treated water. Along with freedom from the constant adjustments of chemicals, it is non-toxic, non-corrosive, odorless and tasteless, and will not bleach your clothes or hair. Water feels “softer” to the touch. For the environment, the HealthCare System eliminates the need to store poisonous and unstable chemicals harmful to plant and animal life. If you already have a pool, it is easily installed onto an existing filtration system and costs only pennies per day to operate.

    1. The HealthCare System was engineered to provide maximum automation of the day-to-day treatment of your swimming pool. This system utilizes the benefits of ionization, the strongest oxidizer available for pool use. This same technology is used to sanitize water in many different applications, including drinking water, cooling towers, fountains, fish ponds, mammal tanks, zoo features, and industrial processes of water. It will eliminate common water problems such as red burning eyes, itchy skin, scum lines and odors, as well as reducing the cost of operation and dangerous handling of pool chemicals.


    1. The heart of the HealthCare System is a specially sealed chamber housing two electrodes. This is called an “ion chamber.” It is here that a safe, low electronic charge produces a mineral ion (electrically charged atom particle) which “attacks” impurities in the water. A controller regulates the number of ions introduced by the ion chamber. Since the quantity of impurities in the water may vary from time to time, a weekly ion check is recommended. A HealthCare System dealer will demonstrate this quick and easy process which is completed by a mere turn of a knob on the controller box. The pool water is automatically oxidized with ozone, produced naturally by lightning storms or ultraviolet rays from the sun. Advances in technology have made it possible to combine these two processes into one complete treatment system designed to minimize service and maintenance.


    1. For more information about planning a pool for your yard or for information about the HealthCare Water Purification System, visit their website at


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