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A Mother-Daughter Duo Improving the Lives of Their Customers

Health and nutrition are on everyone’s minds this time of year as summer vacations and swimsuit season are right around the corner.

In our hectic lives, we are so busy taking care of everyone and everything else we often neglect what is most important—our mental and physical health. But one mother-daughter duo is doing their best to ensure you are well taken care of when you walk in the door.

Josie and Nichole Bourquin are owners of Hartville Nutrition and Massillon Nutrition, respectively. If you haven’t visited either location, you are in for a treat.

Their shakes are not only delicious, but they also pack a nutritional punch. With a calorie count of only 200-250 calories, the shakes are intended to be a meal replacement and contain 24 grams of protein and 21 grams of vitamins and minerals.

Three types of shakes are available and come in dozens of assorted flavors. Gluten-free is available on request.

  • Rebuild (muscle rebuild and recovery)
  • Soy Shakes
  • Vegetarian (does contain bee pollen)

Each shake includes a flavored tea that offers clean energy and contains aloe, which helps digestion and bloating, while the mega tea has the addition of collagen. All the teas are thermogenic, meaning they have natural supplements designed to increase fat burning and metabolism.

While they are known for their shakes and teas, there are other reasons they are building a loyal clientele.

When Mom Josie opened her Hartville location two years ago, she believed in the shakes and the benefits they provide to her customers. What she didn’t quite realize at the time was how not only were her shakes helping people, but so was she. When Nichole opened Massillon Nutrition a year ago, she was met with the same warm reception.

According to a report by Cigna, Americans face an epidemic of loneliness. As technology takes the place of our co-workers and remote jobs become commonplace, people need to find ways to connect. And the smart ones have discovered Hartville Nutrition and now Massillon Nutrition.

Nichole and her mother, Josie, are surprised by the public’s response. Not only is delicious nutrition on their customers’ minds, but they also find an increasing number of customers who also come for the atmosphere. It is not just about shakes but the “vibe,” as Nichole says, “We have the whole package.”

It’s a safe place to hang out with friends, chat with the staff, bring someone for a shake date or have a business meeting. Their clientele ranges from teenagers coming in after school to business people looking for somewhere healthy and positive to get work done. Nichole has even had people come in to chat and not order anything.

Josie and Nichole are passionate about their products, and they are passionate about people.

Community is at the heart of what they do. The ladies love to host events such as yoga, supply raffle baskets to local non-profit organizations, and participate in fundraisers with their local schools.

Their love for the business is growing. Nichole has opened a second location, Amos Nutrition, at 4166 S. Cleveland-Massillon Road, Norton, Ohio. Now, three locations to serve you, mind, body, and soul.

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