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Nature’s Warehouse

It all began as a small store on the front porch of a growing family with seven children. Daniel and Cari Laudon believed that good health was a result of the right choices. For them it included eating natural foods and taking natural supplements rather than medicine. Cari was always part of an agricultural cooperative, also known as a farmers’ co-op, which is a group of farmers who pool their resources.

Since natural items were usually quite expensive, they soon discovered that buying in bulk was a way to lower the prices. At the same time, it allowed them to sell portions of the large quantity to other families giving them the opportunity to discover affordable healthy food choices and natural products to alleviate health problems.

The business soon progressed from the porch of their home when they created a simple, organized black and white catalog and their first website, The catalog, together with some magazine ads, resulted in a steady stream of orders which were filled and shipped to customers.

All of the family members worked together for years to increase sales and eventually sons Dan and Tom took the helm. Expanding their catalog mailing list and adding informational articles to the catalog, they soon needed a bigger warehouse to fill orders. They built a warehouse in Philadelphia, New York near their family home.

A few years later and with ever-increasing orders, the Laudons noticed they were receiving orders from customers all over the United States. A decision to open a warehouse in the Midwest was made in an effort to lower shipping charges and the Dundee, Ohio facility was born.

After 15 years, Nature’s Warehouse continues to have Pennsylvania and Indiana locations which deliver to local customers in those areas. The New York location is now strictly a retail store.

A selection of coffee from Nature’s Warehouse

While the Ohio warehouse does accommodate walk-in customers, most of their business revolves around taking, filling and shipping phone and mail orders, as well as delivering local orders. Many local orders are filled and delivered on the same day they are received. While delivery to the Canton area has not yet started, it is slated to begin in the near future.

Nature’s Warehouse does not produce any items, but purchases products from manufacturers and local businesses. The products they distribute are chosen carefully to ensure that ingredients are natural, safe and effective. They also require their manufacturers to have good business practices, and treat employees and animals with integrity.

Nature’s Warehouse carries a variety of items, like these vitamins

While they currently process about 12,000 orders a month, the majority of which are from the Midwest portion of the United States, Nature’s Warehouse most popular product is Mama Bear Prenatal tablets. They offer a wide range of vitamin and mineral supplements, and herbs in capsule, extract and essential oils forms.

Personal care items include shampoos and hair products, body lotions, beauty masks, shower gel, soap and deodorant, and dental needs including toothpaste and mouthwash. They offer diapers and children’s toothpaste.

In the grocery area, they have baking ingredients, spices, sweeteners, fruits, seeds, nuts, grains, pastas, beans, breakfast foods, and condiments. They offer beverages, including tea bags and drink mixes, candy, gum, and snacks, as well as a large selection of various canned goods.

Nature’s Warehouse carries cookbooks and an array of books about family and spiritual life, physical and mental health, gardening and plants. For first aid, they offer natural remedies for pain, muscle and bone problems, and burn and wound treatment. Another extensive area is household products, kitchenware, cleaning and laundry products, and aromatherapy items.

There is a 100% satisfaction guaranty on all products purchased from Nature’s Warehouse. Owners Dan and Tom Laudon and their knowledgeable staff are eager to help customers find natural and healthy choices to meet their daily needs.

For more information about products, ingredients and prices, or to request a Nature’s Warehouse catalog, visit their website Their website also contains a Kid’s Corner section with educational games and coloring pictures centered on living healthy naturally.

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