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Ohio Hills Folk Festival: Where Tradition, Harmony, and the Arts Are Celebrated

A summer festival of music and dancing under a pavillion at the Ohio Hills Folk Festival

The Ohio Hills Folk Festival, held from July 10 to 13 in Quaker City, Ohio, celebrates tradition and community spirit. As the longest-running festival in Ohio, it has been a cornerstone of cultural celebration since its humble beginnings in 1871. As it marks its 120th anniversary this year, join in where history comes alive and togetherness is celebrated in every corner.

A Journey Through Time

The festival’s roots trace back to a simple fair started in 1871. The original fair eventually ended. Although the spirit of celebration was rekindled in 1904 as “Fall Entertainment” and later as “Homecoming.” Since then, it has been an unbroken tradition, weaving through the generations and becoming a cherished part of the community’s fabric.

A Celebration for All Ages

Quaker City bustles with excitement from Wednesday to Saturday following the 4th of July. The festival is a playground for children and adults, offering activities that promise fun and laughter for everyone. Engage in friendly competition with bike races, kiddie tractor pull, and frog jumping contests. The little ones will delight in the kiddie parade, while adults enjoy browsing the flea market or savoring homemade ice cream at the Country Store.

Celebrating Artistry and Entertainment at the Ohio Hills Folk Festival

The festival’s heart pulses with parade rhythms, from classic car displays to the grand Philip Carpenter Memorial Mile Long Parade. Artisans showcase their crafts, revealing the region’s rich artistic heritage and food enthusiasts can savor diverse offerings or participate in pie and cake-baking contests.

This year, the animals of The Columbus Zoo will visit and add an extra layer of excitement to our festivities. Music lovers will have a choice of live performances across three stages, featuring genres from country to rock. As night falls, a spectacular fireworks display will light the sky with a burst of color and joy.

The Ohio Hills Folk Festival: A Summer Tradition with a Heart

The passion of its volunteers is what drives this celebration. The Ohio Hills Folk Festival is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Ohio Festival and Events Association member, thriving on community spirit and unity.

Join us on this enchanting journey through time and tradition in Quaker City and experience the magic. Every moment becomes a cherished memory, and every experience brings you closer to the heart of this vibrant community. Let’s celebrate the enduring spirit of folk nestled in the hills that cradle this area. For more information, visit the Ohio Folk website or their Facebook page.

This fun-filled event is sponsored in part by the Cambridge Guernsey County Visitors and Convention Bureau.

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